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  1. Their renewal quote is dated December and requests me to tell themm to cancel. I am , however, adamant that regardless of FSA rules, the law is on my side as I have never accpeted their offer of insurance.
  2. I was sent a car renewal quote from NW which commenced on 8th January 2009. I obtained a cheaper quote and took out new insurance. I have today (19th January) contacted NW to confirm wit them that I do not require their insurance, but they say I now owe them £50. I told them that I had never asked for the insurance to be renewed so I should not have to pay for something to which I have not agreed - but they said they would refer it to their debt department. My understanding under contract law is that silence cannot amount to a contract. In other words, if I were to say offer someon
  3. I was contacted by Thames Credit regarding a credit card deby from 1997 which is in my name but linked to an address where my brother lived around this time. I can only assume that he took out a credit card in my name - which he denies. However, I written to Thames Cedit explaining the situation and asked them for proof that they have bought the debt and the original credit agreemnet so that I could check signatures. Thames replied stating that I will hear no more from them about the debt. two months later I have recieved a letter from Wescot stating that I owe them the money. I
  4. A friend of mine recently received a private parking notice. The car was parked on a stretch of road which after about 10m led to a set of gates for parking at the rear of some Housing Associatiuon flats. There were no yellow lines, but there were signs about clamping approaching the gates, which she presumed related to anybody who attempted to use the housing association parking- but nothing about parking tickets. As there is nothing displayed about parking tickets (only clamping), is this lawful? Secondly, what can they do if she doesn't pay? Any advice is appreci
  5. I've received my statement from Barclays which shows that they paid up in full (well almost) on the 21st November 2006. I mean that they almost paid up in full because I inadvertently agreed to their offer which only had interest included from July and not November. Anyway the money plus interest is back where it belongs. Everyone else keep going and don't panic becuae as long as you follow the procedures and guidance on the site , you will win.
  6. I didn't have any witnesses, experts or set out any extra information when I handed in my Allocation Questionairre. I just followed the guidance in the template
  7. Re: Claiming the 8 % interest- don't worry. I did the same thing. But when I rejected their offer, I simply explained that I had inadvertently included the 8% interest and that this was an error on my behalf and then I cited the correct amount of the claim (minus 8 % interest) It didn't affect my claim and I have as good as won, It's just that I'm too lazy too check that they have paid the money into my account from last week.
  8. As far as I know all cases are settled by barclays before the court date. Some people have to wait a week before the court date for a settlement, other, like me, recieved notice to settle 2 months before the court case. Actually on the day Barclays should have sent thier court bundle to the court. Just make sure you prepare your court case properly using the template bundle. I Also asked for copies of all charges and revisions since 1989 and all terms and conditions and revisions since 1989. I personally would not worry about it going all the way to court as Barclays know they
  9. Barclays did the same with me - agreed to pay up in full on the day their bundle should have been delivered to the court. I accepted and crossed out the bit about the confidentiality. That was on Wednesday 15th Nov. I still haven't checked if they have paid the money into my account as i never use it. I don;t have a cash card etc. I suppose on Sturday I will go into the bank and ask a cashier if the money has been paid in. Stevie T - Stick out for the full amount and well done.
  10. Court bundle delivered To Barclays 9th November and Court on the 10th November. Got home on the 10th November evening and their it was - a letter from Barclays to settle in full - with confidentiality. I've crossed that bit out about confidentiality and as long as they are happy with that , the money should soon be in my account. I don't know why thay agreed to settle so soon - not like them. Anyway, I'm not celebrating until the money is in the account. All I can say is that the bundle was the standard stuff in the templates with a couple of 'standard automated letters' as
  11. They are still definetely settling before the court date. For some reason, the day after after Barclays recieved my Court bundle (10th November)their was a letter from them to settle in full with confidentiality. I have crossed out this bit and agreed to settle. I'm now just waiting for the money to be in my account- that is as long as they accept the crossing out of the confidentiality clause. They'll pay up.
  12. Don't panic - They will submit before the court date- as they have done with everyone else. The court bundle is easy to put togther. I have included the folloiwng: All Correspondence Claimant’s Case Defendants Case Latest Schedule of Charges Statements Relevant Case Law Summary (Download the rest of the information onto 1 word documnent) Early Day Motion from the House of Parliament Dunlop v New Garage UTCCR 1999 UCTA 1977 SOGA 1982 OFT Statement Summary There is a zip file somewhere on the site where all of this (excepting correspondance, state
  13. With their defence sent from the court, you should also receive an ALoocation Questionairre to return to the court. see the advice on the site for its completion. Complete this and then you will later receive a court date - From receipt of the letter from the court you have a fixed period to submit your evidnence. I strongly recommend using the court bundle documnet which either Bookworm or Bankfodder produced - It will save you some time. Good luck and as far as I am aware - Barclays has paid up in full before every court date. Mine is 3rd January.
  14. At last - A court date - 3rd January 2006. Small Claims Track at St Helens. Should hopefully see Barclays pay up before the Christmas period.
  15. Update - Allocation questionnaire returned to the courts on 13th September 06.I'm now waiting for a court date. I understand Barclays keep quiet until a few days before the hearing and then make an offer - possibly omitting the 8% interest and with a confidentiality clause. They won't from me as I expect the full interest and the only way they can get me to sign a confidentiality clause is by buying it from me. I'm quite willing to go to court - should the need arise.
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