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  1. Hi Thank stressed, Here goes, so you know a thing or two about it. My daughter will be 17 in November. I have been giving her mother £200 a month for over 15 years as a maintenance charge standing order. I do plan to go self employed very soon which I believe to be in my benefit??? I get a small monthly military pension, so I took this sum after taking off NI, My children who live with me, pension scheme and used the calculator. It dropped to £17 a week or £68 a month. This may reduce their ability to travel abroad 3 times a year and pay for the £300,000 mortgage while I rent!!! I hav
  2. Hi all, Thank you, you have gave me a lot to consider. I think I may have given you the incorrect info on question 1. It is my daughter that may or may not be going onto further education. I have heard that she is. However surely this needs to be proven or ex's all over can get an extra 2 years from there victims ooops I mean Non resident parent without providing proof further education. It can't be just a case of her saying she is off to college??? so recommendations . I get a good accountant...... many thanks
  3. Hi All, I have recently left the forces after serving 24 years service. I have been paying maintenance straight to my ex for the up keep of my estranged daughter. She is 16 now and I have been told she may be attending college!!! Now I receive a small monthly pension and I plan to go self employed. With my pension I plan to use this for rent and bills etc. But according to the CSA could be classed as an income. 1. How do I get proof of further Education? 2. Is my monthly Army pension classed as income to which the CSA should be informed about? 3. Am I better off with a mai
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