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  1. Greenford Road near junction with A40. I pulled out of the Ambulance Station car park to cross the northbound carriage way of Greenford Road and through the gap in the central reservation to turn right to head southbound along Greenford Road.
  2. It was though a gap in the central reservation right next to a zebra crossing so the only road markings that I crossed were whitte zig zags.
  3. Hi everyone I'd really appreciate your help, I have received a PCN for failing to comply with a No Entry sign. I've gone through the appeal process as there is not a No Entry sign visible from the direction in which I was travelling! Ealing council rejected my appeal and keep refering me to the photos of me going though a No Entry sign which is facing away from the direction that I am travelling and could not have possibley seen. I have taken it to PATAS who have also rejected my appeal as my reasons for a delay in getting my evidence to them are unsatisfactory.
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