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  1. Apologies if this in the wrong place - perhaps somebody could move it if it isn't? I just got a copy of my credit report for the first time ever through equifax, as I inexplicably got rejected for a new phone contract. I was expecting only to see on my file; my current account, pay monthly mobile phone and credit card - all of which I pay on time religiously. To my horror, when I opened up the report it had 2 DEFAULTED accounts on there that do not belong to me! Now, I live in an apartment block with around 100 flats In it. The apartments are not individually regist
  2. I sent the SAR to them as they seem to be lying to me on the phone when I've spoken to them, so I want a copy of all the info they have on me. They've had the debt since October 2012.
  3. The letter, dated 12/06/2013, says that 1st Credit (Finance) 3 Ltd has assigned all its respective rights, title and interest in respect of the account to 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd effective from 01/06/2013. I sent the SAR on 29/05/2013.
  4. I've just received a letter from 1st Credit, regarding a disputed Halifax debts - advising that "1st Credit (Finance) 3 Ltd" has assigned the debt to "1st Credit (Finance) Ltd". Any clues as to why I would have received such a letter? I recently sent 1st Credit a SAR, then 2 weeks later I received this. Coincidence or linked? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  5. Evening all, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I took an iPhone 5 out on contract with EE in March, and was asked to pay a £100 deposit, as I had a low credit score - owing to the fact that I've changed address a few times. I paid this on the understanding that after 3 months of paying on time, I'd be refunded this as cash. I've just received my 3rd bill, to which EE have credited the £100 deposit. This obviously leaves a negative balance, which EE say will be knocked off my next bill.... All well and good, but I was led to believe that this money (which I paid using a Cr
  6. Technical Motor Claims Manager. Loss Adjuster is an entirely different occupation. There is no getting away from the fact you collided with a stationary object. You have failed to steer or otherwise control your vehicle so as to avoid a collision. The position of his vehicle is irrelevant. Give it up.
  7. I'm a Technical Motor Claims Manager for a large insurance company. I've been in the industry for a few years now, and quite frankly I've never heard something as ridiculous as this. It wasn't his poor choice of parking that caused the accident, it was your poor judgement of the ability of your vehicle. You'd get laughed out of court with this.
  8. Hi all, Having just paid off the last of my debt, I'm in the process of tidying up my Credit File. I've looked at my Equifax report, and just noticed that a defaulted Barclaycard account is showing twice. It appears that when Barclaycard sold the debt to Lowell Group, the original entry was marked as a default and "satisfied" then Lowell have registered it again as a default (both the same date). Can anybody advise the best way to proceed? I've raised a dispute via Equifax already but I'm not sure how long this will take for them to sort? Any advice would be gratefully rece
  9. I work In the insurance industry. Bankrupt people are considered to be a moral hazard by some insurance companies in terms of the risk of a claim occurring, including the one I work for. Generally though, Insurance companies want to know up front what type of customer they are dealing with. When it gets to a claim stage, if the insurer finds out that the customer failed to disclose that they have been bankrupt and/or had CCJs then they lose faith in the customer. How could they possibly then trust that the claim is genuine? They can't. The only way to get insurance is with a company
  10. Hi All, I'm new to the site, so apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I've just checked my credit file with Equifax, and I've noticed that a default has been added onto there that doesn't belong to me from BT. I've just moved out of my father's house into my own place (he has the first inital and surname as me), and it would appear that his defaulted BT account has made it's way onto my credit file! The entry shows "Mr J XXXX" and the date of birth field is blank. The amount is only small, at £50 but this has absolutely destroyed my credit score! I've spoken to my
  11. I would just say, as somebody that has just joined as a Special Comstable, checks by the police aren't just an "enhanced crb check". They check for any informations whatsoever on the PNC. So the chances are, yes this will show up. The question on the application form clearly states that you must declare absolutely any involvement with the police.
  12. Hi All, First of all I'm new to the site so forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong forum. Back in 2009 I got into a bit of trouble with Payday loans, you know the story; started with one and then had to take another to pay the first off etc. Thankfully I have now managed to pay the bulk of my debt off, I am in the process of rebuilding my credit profile and I wasn't aware of any more Payday loans being outstanding. However, I checked my CRA file the other day to find that "Express Finance" have recorded TWO defaults; One for £295 and one for £70 just a few months ago
  13. It depends entirely on comapny's policy. I work for a major insurance company in a sensitive area, and their check only consists of making sure there aren't any unsatisfied judgments against me. Other companies will insist on a full search. But even then, they're just making sure that your debts are within your means and aren't likely to be a risk to the company. I would just perhaps contact the HR department and ask to see what their policy is.
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