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  1. i got a letter tonight which informed me to pay 44.8 pounds fine by fourteen days. No any prosecution mentioned on the letter. (but it said if it happens aging in the future, they will not hesitate to prosecute) I exactly understand how tough the time was while waiting the letter to come. so, just let people here knowing what happened afterward for my case. Many thanks for the professional consultants here! You are great and kind to help the helpless people. I understand the feeling of everyone who seeks the advice here. Good luck, everyone!
  2. i know how it looks like a lie from the third party. I can understand why the court and railway company would not forgive us. I don't expect anyone should trust what i said. I just wanna solve this issue and hope you can understand my depression and regret.
  3. Yes, he said he will hand in my details to the something called xx transpoertation xxx. (sorry i could not hear clearly) btw, he didn't write anything on his notebook but only offered me a blank one to sign on it.
  4. Yes, I signed the stuff's notebook but not received any paper work from him. What does the paper for? But i guess maybe because my stop quickly arrived so he might not have time to give me the paper...
  5. Many thanks for your kind reply. I'm not sure what you mean by piece of paper? If you mean the blank paper to record my details, I did. Last last last question, if i am prosecuted by the train company, does it mean that criminal record would leave on me? Even I paid the penalty fine? Many thanks again!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm sorry that I was just too afraid and not hearing clearly about every single word the stuff said. Also, English is not my first language. All I can remember is that he said something about the court, and mentioned the worst situation is that I cannot continue to study here. Will this happen to me? Will I leave any criminal record even I'm willing to pay any penalty fine? Do I need to go on the court? I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I'm just too panic and feel so ashamed. I don't know my innocent would become so much serious. I really feel sorry......
  7. Thanks for replying. 'then it is probable that a report for prosecution will be filed' does it mean the worst situation?
  8. The ink of my yp railcard is unclear and blurred. therefore, i depict the word on the railcard but put on the wrong month. I thought that I bought the card on July so I just put on July, but the expired month is March. I knew it looks like i did it in purpose and want to steal the free passage. But i did not. If i did it in purpose, why didn't i just put on Step because i will leave after Step.(I'm an international student here) The station stuff caught me and said that depicting on the railcard is illegal. He said i will receive a letter after 7-14 days and might need to go on th
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