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  1. The Regulations continue to state that a) candidates may only be forced to sign up to Universal Job Match if a Job Seekers Direction is issued, and even then the candidate would only be forced to create an account, create a profile, upload a CV, make that CV Searchable, and from the Universal Job Match Toolkit, b) the introducion of Universal Job Match makes not change to the General Regulations and candidates cannot be forced to provide access to their Universal Job Match (if they have created an account), and c) the Job Seeker may provided evidence of their Job Search Activity using whatever means they choose. Sufficient evidence will be provided by the traditional Job Search Diary, and Job Printouts or Screenshots taken by a Mobile Phone/Tablet.
  2. According to reports, it will continue until replaced by the "Health and Work Programme" from 2017. Details are pretty sparce, but I suspect that it will be another Gravy Train for existing providers.
  3. We can all amuse ourselves with the thought that a hard pressed Business Manager, having failed to source a candidate for a vacancy through their own Professional Network (it is estimated that about 80% of jobs are never advertised), will receive (say) 1000 CV's from different run of the mill agencies, will ask some temp to make an initial success/reject decision on each CV within 10 seconds (although how long does it take to reject on the basis of age?), and shortlist down to 10 for an interview. A CV does not need to be longer than a page - and I cannot re-emphasize the fact that candidates need not tailor a CV for each and every job that they apply for - that simply indulges the perception that an employer may expect a "perfect" or "ideal" candidate. But, if a candidate wishes to spend days or weeks in devising a perfect CV - such a candidate deserves our commendation and respect. However, the employer will make an initial success/reject decision within, at most 10 seconds, and therefore there is absolutely no point in wasting more than sufficient time on a single application, taking time from other applications that have equal value.
  4. The term "Parking" is even more erroneous in the context of the Welfare To Work Sector, irrespective of whether through the Flexible New Deal or successor Work Programme. The DWP reported through its own research findings that the Work Programme was less effective than doing nothing, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/spending-review/10146659/5bn-Work-Programme-worse-than-doing-nothing.html The scheme was never designed to provide any "help" to any unemployed person, but did help the self-serving Welfare To Work Sector, including the likes of A4E, to grow extremely rich at the expense of the taxpayer.
  5. The Business Model was never sustainable from the outset...in the case of Deloitte-Ingeus (Deloitte entered a joint venture with Ingeus in October 2010 to bid for the Work Programme Contacts {announced December 2010 by the DWP]), bid 70% less than any other party and ended up with 23% of the Prime Contracts), they presumed that all candidates would access employment from the outset and/or become Self Employed vendors for the Acme Corporation (or similar - such as eBay Sellers)) and need not put any effort into the job selection process, and even the Deloitte-Ingeus Employer Services Teams failed to generate any interviews for candidates. In the recent year or so, Deloitte divested itself from the joint venture, and Ingeus sold its stake to a US Private Equity Business Provident Service Corporation (reported on April 1st 2014). http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2c771c22-b9a7-11e3-b74f-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3cfu90KbR The term "Parking" can be quite erroneous...the term simply means that Welfare To Work Clerks within Deloitte-Ingeus did not possess a basic level of competence to speak to employers on behalf of candidates. If the candidate in question, whose sole responsibility was to the Job Seekers Agreement and to Job Centre Plus, did not sign the Data Protection Waiver, then there was little incentive for Welfare To Work Clerks within Deloitte-Ingeus to put any effort in. Given that the DWP own research suggested that the Work Programme was less effective than doing nothing, it is not surprising that the Business Model was a flawed extension of the belief system of George Iain Duncan Smith.
  6. When candidates present themselves at the Front Desk, waiting to be signed on, you simply need to present your appointment card. Any Job Search Evidence can be presented directly to the Civil Servant interviewing you during signing on. Although, according to the Universal Job Match Toolkit Chapter 3 [28 February 2013], the Job Centre may have been able mandate that a canddiate should create an account, create a profile, upload a CV, they cannot mandate that candidates provide access to their Universal Job Match Account. Additionally, it remains entirely at the discretion of the candidate how they should manage their job search diary and provide their job search evidence.
  7. 20% of US Citizens believe Barack Hussein Obama is a cactus. http://www.theonion.com/article/poll-1-in-5-americans-believe-obama-is-a-cactus-18127
  8. Interesting subject....although the Signature Capture System linked to the Digital Signing Pad does not record a signature as such, it simply builds up a Signature Profile of those signatures which a Civil Servant deems acceptable at the time the candidate accepts enrollment on the system. I suspect that, before 100% of candidates agree to be enrolled, the Job Centre will simply ditch the technology given the increased time that Civil Servants have to spend in dealing with rejected signatures from valid candidates offering a valid signature.
  9. What Regulations apply to the case of a Tenancy Agreement being entered into, but the gas company refuses to reconnect the gas to the boiler until the debt paid by a previous tenant is paid. Can the Utility Company insist that a new tenant accepts liability for the debt owed by the previous tenant.
  10. Although Universal Credit remains behind schedule, and the Project may never be implemented (watch this space after the next election), the DWP are replacing the Job Seekers Agreement with the Job Seekers Agreement Claimant Commitment (which is covered by the existing legislation), and it may be the case that Ministers may well suggest that Universal Credit has been implemented throughout the UK by January 2015.
  11. What makes you think that TV Autocue Reader Esther McVey was ever qualified to do anything other than read the autocue...and it is doubtful whether, in the absense of a number of photoshopped photographs, whether she would have even made an interview on the Casting Couch.
  12. Just because someone has been unemployed for more than 18 months does not necessarily imply that the candidate skills are redundant....reports suggest a) that 50% of young black men under 24 are unemployed, b) that if you are male, aged 50+, and made redundant, it is difficult to return to the jobs market, and c) some employers will reject against any female between 18-55 for fear of "Child Care" rearing itself within the workplace. Sadly, the Welfare To Work Sector was never envisaged to "help the unemployed" - it remains Sub Prime, and the majority of welfare To Work Clerks employed were either working in the Flexible New Deal, Call Centres or Recruitment Agencies.
  13. Congratulations on the job..... hopefully, it will offer a stepping stone to something more robust, and allow you to make productive use of your skills. However, this could be a case of being creative on the part of Ingeus, offering a job to someone being on the Work Programme, and claiming a bung from the taxpayer for every 4 weeks that they keep them on. Of course, other candidates in your position may not be as desperate as yourself, would be more discerning in their choice of employer, and would not touch the sub-prime Welfare To Work Sector with a barge pole.
  14. Deloitte-Ingeus used to deploy a 4 Phase Programme, entitled the "Every Day Counts" Service Delivery Model, with a different Welfare To Work Clerk assigned to each candidate as they entered each Phase.. Of course, this was before Deloitte- offloaded its stake in Ingeus, and before Ingeus were sold to a Private Equity Business in the US. Phase 1 : Insight (Weeks 1-4) Phase 2 : Intensive Support (Weeks 5-16) Phase 3 : Skills Plus (Weeks 17-52) Phase 3.1 Vocational Routeway (13 weeks) Phase 3.2 Personal Routeway (13 weeks) Phase 4 Breakthrough (Weeks 53-104) http://ingeusstaff.co.uk/diagram [ATTACH=CONFIG]53291[/ATTACH]
  15. Seriously ? Did they tell you this...or are they simply delusional, having spent a few hours playing Call of Duty ?
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