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  1. My mum gets tax credits every thursday for my brother who is 19. His birthday is on the 21st of march which is a thursday, Tax credits are saying they wont pay the final payment because of the day his birthday falls on. Surely she is entitled to a payment up to that date. Maybe someone can answer the question thanks.
  2. I see, So what will the police do, will they come and question or arrest me. this has never happend tome and im quite affraid cause im not sure whats going on.
  3. Could someone help me, I was informed on friday that my telecoms company have a fraud investigation and have a crime reference number, What does this actually mean. Should I expect a visit from the police anytime. I am quite worried why they have do this when i've not done anything. Thanks
  4. I signed up to chess telecom after dealing with a very very pushy sales guy who told me what i was getting regardless if i said otherwise, I sent emails negotiating a deal but sadly i deleted those. signed 1 line up few months before i other one, It seems they just stuck me on the exact same deal and contract even though i expressed i did not want a 3 year contract, ( i need to get a recording of the sales calls) i got a letter today with an outrageous bill if i want to leave the company for £972 for both lines to leave at £14.04 amonth. The reason i wanted to leave
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