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  1. I have the doctors today, I was there 4 weeks ago and she gave me citalopram which to be honest have made me worse, I cant sleep at nights and when i do i wake up only a few hours sleep. my mum told me i seem to be angry like outbursts now and again. Will the doctor extend my sick note. I dont really know what to say.
  2. With new regulations coming in next year to make 0800 numbers free on mobiles, DWP should change all it's numbers ot 0800. It is a government department it shouldn't be out to make profit as if it were a private company. That way they dont need to provide any telephones in JC's which will save the tax payer, simply use the revenue collected over the years to pay for the 0800 numbers, or the DWP may even get them for free.
  3. I am going to apply for ESA today as instructed so by JCP.. I also sent an email to the ESF this is that they said. I have also launched an official complaint at JC, They said if i were to ever sign JSA again I would most likely go with Ingeus , the the relationship with working links is done.
  4. I have printed this out and will highlight the specified parts and show it to working links. It clearly stats on the letter, i have to attend once per week starting 30th january to which i did, But i left 1 hour early because my advisor wasn't there and it clearly says on the letter "your consultant will assist you etc" my consultant went home. I am not letting these bunch of private own idiots control my life. Also can anyway explain, when did i agree to have working links overrule my DWP work agreement??? I never signed to say i wouldn't follow this and follow what they say.
  5. I dont know how to approach the issue, I dotn feel i can just go to the doctor and say i have a auxity issue can i get a sick note. How would i get diagnosed with this.
  6. Well i sign on wednesday, So am going to take this letter with me and question some of the parts pointed out here. I'll ask for a manager in the job centre.
  7. No I went into the office wednesday 29th, My day was bad enough for other reason, I was going into meet my new advisor only to be told im meeting a manager to be interrogated. Well now you said that. Once per week means one time a week and the days you can come in are listed. Might challenge them on this. It also states ask my consultant for advice, yet she went home before my appointment was finished???
  8. My personal advisor doesn't even sit one to one with me thats the best of it, When i go in the receptionist gives me an application to fill or then puts me on a computer and thats it, i get no interaction from anyone, and if i do need its the receptionist who comes first then goes to speak with my advisor. The manager said to me, what would you do if the internet went down for a month? I said i dont know. But all they do is put me on the internet anyway contradicting herself. I've logged a complaint with them to which the manager of the branch im complaining about responded. I respon
  9. Hi, Here is the letter that they gave me, It's not that i dont want to work, I would love to work i would. But i cant physically do it as in my brain wont let me fulfill it. Also i am sick being blackmailed by them, anything i disagree with i am met with the response "your benefit could be effected" i am sick of this.
  10. Firstly, I would go to any interview or training group organised by this company. My problem is they are demanding that i go to there office Monday 3 Hours, Wednesday 2 Hours, Thursday 2 Hours. I am suppose big wide open room and just apply for jobs and fill in applications. For me to get to this office I need to take either 2 buses or 2 trains and to be honest it is ridiculous that they want me to go there to just look for work. I have a computer with internet at home to which i can easily look for work to which i have been doing since my time on JSA, The receptionist said to me, Ho
  11. well the payments were around £1000, But half of that money was sent to a friend and this will be indicated on the statement. I genuinely didn't know you couldn't earn money on the internet. We run a free game and people can buy things for it when they call the number. Edit: I am actually ****ten myself right now. Every time i think about it my stomach turns i go into hot flushes. i just hope they sanction me and make me pay the money back.
  12. Am not being clever, the officer was going on about 6k and 16k in savings. The money that i get isn't like i do anything for it. if people call the service i get the revenue. I dont advertise it, i dont manage anything to do with it. i dont work. I only get half of it anyway.
  13. How could i be done with fraud, i haven't committed any fraud. I haven't worked, i dont have savings between 6k and 16k as they said. All iv got is revenue from telephone which isn't work.
  14. I was called into a compliance interview on wednesday because they said im not declaring assets. Well I dont have any savings or assets worth 6k to 16k as she kept telling me. But I have been getting a few payments recently from my premium rate number no where near 6k or 16k. So i assumed i dont have to tell them. Plus it isn't actually work. So what will happen to me, I have only had 4 payments to which half were sent to a friend because he is apart of it with me. DWP want all my bank statements since my claim started which ill provide so what will happen when they see these p
  15. I got a letter on friday telling me i have to go in for an interview with a compliance officer on wednesday. Soon as i got the letter i called my local job centre to find out what this was about, they told me someone made an allegation against me. I want advice is can i ask the following questions. 1. what the allegation is. 2 what evidence DWP have to support his allegation. 3. when the allegation was made and how, in person/telephone and internet. I feel like if the dwp want to follow this allegation up then it is up to them to find the evidence not for me to prove i
  16. oh no it no where near £6000. My friend lent me around £350 because i was moving house last month, But i am abit concerned why they highlighted the transactions on my bank statements i said to her and i was thats fine, But just curious to why they are marked as if they want to check it out more.
  17. I went back to job centre 25/10/2013 today. I showed my bank statements as requested but they high lighted a 3 transactions 3 of which my friend sent me money as a loan, I am wondering what can they do about this towards me, and what can they do to him he doesn't claim anything from DWP so why are they highlighting his payments.
  18. I am currently on JSA and have been for sometime now. i am getting sick of them. I was recently asked into a review i went, i didn't have bank statements so had to reschedule. I am extremely angry that they want to see my bank statements for a full month if i don't i get sanctioned. I have to even email my CV to the advisor so she can see what format i use(ridiculous or what) what is the point of universal job match, My account has my CV and my full list of job searches and where i went, Why cant they use this. Do i need to give them a reason to sign off and how i would get by.
  19. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and
  20. I bought a pair of creative gaming headphones on 06/02/2012, The item became faulty around May, I sent back to ebuyer for a replacement fine, Come November the replacement has the exact fault, they wanted pictures this so I sent and they accepted and sent me a replacement. Now that replacement became faulty in July, So I sent back thinking I would get refund as it was still under warranty, No this time they said it was wear and tear, But after pointing out it happened 2 previous time the manager decided to refund me, OK good.... NOT. So I checked my email the next day to find ebuye
  21. If you cant attend you need to get a form from the job centre, And put it all down on that and hand it back in. That's what had to do when I was sick. I got my mum to pick one up and she filled it in and took back next day. I got paid as normal. I know its a tory government but they cant stop your money just for being sick.
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