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  1. I got a text today from DWP saying my JSA has been awarded, So i called them to ask about a payment they told me it would be in my account for tuesday back dated from 25 july till 20th august, not sure how they came to those dates. But soon as i get the payment can i go into my JCP and sign off again. What they gave me is enough to get me by till my appeal is lodged for my ESA.
  2. Thanks for responses, I dont know what kind of letter my doctor will write me, she already wrote me one for my mandatory reconsideration. But to be honest im a stressed out to the max with constantly worrying what im going to do. All i can think about is sanctions. Being on JSA is just extremely unbearable at the moment. ESA told me over the phone there some things i dont need to do whilst on JSA after coming on ESA, but no one seems to know. and i think the woman i spoke to yesterday thought i was lying. Anyone know anything on this. They didn't refer me to working links fo
  3. I dont thinK DWP have compassion for anyone regarding their health. The "coach" i got today said to me, "are you on something" just because i was answering questions and giving my views. I think ill get one JSA payment and sign off by that time ill be able to go to citizens advice with all my evidence and my doctors letter that im getting.
  4. Is the ES40 form still used by the job centre. I was forced to make a claim to JSA today because i need money badly. And cant make an appeal to my ESA until 9th of september when citizens advice can see me. So they gave me a WS1 booklet and a JSACC form. But i thought u get a ES40, As you normally hand this to the JSA etc when you come in and it says you must bring this all the time. I was told I dont need to bring the WS1 form because ill print out "job searches". So how do i identify myself and my sign on etc.
  5. Citizens advice have made an appointment for me for 9th september he said i have until 20th september to make an appeal or something I did actually send them a doctors letter etc which doesn't even seem to be considered, ATOS said they dont cover taxi's unless they arrange them, So i had to pay like £7 my own my money.
  6. Here is some images of the reconsideration. http://oi59.tinypic.com/2hec5g4.jpg http://oi58.tinypic.com/10xymmq.jpg http://oi60.tinypic.com/vpdbvo.jpg I travelled by taxi to the ATOS medical centre because it is miles from the train station and i have no idea my way about AYR. just like if i went to london i would have no clue where to go for places.
  7. Well i got a response from the DM on saturday 23rd, Saying we cant revise the decision. There denying me ESA on these points. 1. I went to the medical alone. ( i specifically told ATOS i didn't have anyone to come, My mum is a full time carer for my brother who has autism, My only friend who has a car stays miles from me and has a baby to look after so he couldn't come.) 2. I went to mcdonalds and the cinema last year before i even got diagnosed with stress and anxiety. 3. Because I can call DWP and the Doctors. They haven't even considered my health, the fact im always de
  8. I spoke with DWP yesterday the site that hold's my "file" and who would carry out the mandatory reconsideration. I explained i had a letter from my GP supporting my case. I went to JCP to get them to fax the documents to them. I got a call from a DM today saying he will look at my claim and see if he can change the decision. Was weird cause he said what age will you be on your next birthday, is like some sort of trick question to see if you can answer promptly. normally they just ask for your dob. How long does this normally take, And will they take my doctors letter into acco
  9. Back in february i made a complaint to working links regarding how i was treated by 3 members of staff and their conduct. Well the complaint got sent to the manager at the working links office and one of the 3 people was the manager. Anyway I then made a complaint to the jcp who took all my complaint and said i would never need to go back there again, I claimed ESA from then until the 24 july where my medical failed. *im appealing etc*. Anyway, I was told i need to claim JSA and the conditions of that was to attend working links, anyway I told them i wouldn't be attending as the JCP
  10. She will sit down with a compliance officer who will ask questions and she has to answer them. And show bank statements etc. The compliance officer then send her findings away to a decision makers and they decide the outcome, could be anything from a warning, to a fine to prosecution.
  11. DWP/ESA can actually call your doctors surgery and confirm you have a sick note. But most will tell you to get a duplicate sick note and take it to JCP and they just take it off you.
  12. So my ATOS medical was carried out 9th july. Got results 23rd July. Failed got 0 points in every category. Everything i told them they said the opposite. Ok So now..... I went to my doctor yesterday 28/07, Told her what happened and she almost laughed cause she probably knew this would happen or it happens all the time. My doctor is great, She gave me an 8 week sick line and she's also writing me a supporting letter for my case. The main reason i signed onto ESA originally was due to working links stress and causing my health to be bad, The preasues of being at working links and on
  13. So I went for my medical with ATOS 9th July. I got a call from ESA on 17th of July, Saying we want to book an appointment with a decision maker for 23 July. A whole week later, I claim ESA for anxiety and stress and they do this to me. It is dreadful. Well anyway i got my call today from the DM. she basically justified me getting declined by going on about incapacity benefit when i have no idea what that is. I got 0 points from atos despite being referred mental health team, and despite my medication still be changed all the time to find the correct balance. Also they done a pe
  14. My next appointment i have with the doctor is 28 th july , i booked this before my atos medical. i generally see my doctor every 3-4 weeks since january.
  15. So i went for my medical last week 9th july. I got a phone call today from ESA saying they have my results but they want to call me back next wednesday to discuss them they told me it would be a decision maker. What does this mean, They got me all worried now. I dont see why they couldn't just call me today with them instead of making me wait a week. Thanks
  16. So I just been for my medical. The woman i got was a nurse and seemed nice. She was questioning me i explained all to her. My limited work capability form i filled in weeks ago. I typed this up because my writing is poor and i cant do it. I feel that they might use this against me which is annoying me. But she asked me to ask my doctor to refer me to mental health assessment, Surly by requesting this it means i am not fit to work. I was in for about 30 minutes.
  17. Well my doctor gives me lustral. I use to get citalopram but had no effect on me. I was on a 50mg lustral also with no effect. I am now moved to 100mg of lustral daily. But i take these in the morning. So I dont see the real need in taking boxes of medication. I dont want to be walking about with antidepressants in my pocket, plus 2 inhaler
  18. Also forgot to add. Do i need to take my actual medication or just the boxes. I did ask my NHS doctor and she said i only need to take boxes. Also I would prefer someone to come with me but it's at 9:15am on a wednesday. so i cant get anyone. I dont mind getting the train. but i would prefer getting a taxi from the train station to the medical centre.
  19. Got my atos medical next week. what should i expect. Will they have the form i sent back telling them what is wrong with me i forget the name of it. My problems are mostly mental, the only real physical problem i have is asthma. Is it harder to pass answering to mental health issues. Also will they refund my taxi fair, I have anxiety and i cant get on buses in a place i have never been before?
  20. I've never actually asked for the doctor to extend my sick line, I have anxiety and i take rejection to heart always have done, Mainly the reason i cant work because im terrified of job interviews etc and getting rejected. I'll have a word because its starting to stress me out having to get these sick notes ever 4 weeks, also im in Scotland.
  21. I've been on ESA for around 15 weeks now and iv still not got a medical to go to. Should i be expecting a letter from the company who deal with these medicals. Also It says after 13 weeks you get placed into a group and the money increases, when does this happen as its not happened yet. My doctor only seems to give me 4 week sick notes and its very stressful having to get on a wednesday and sending them hoping they arrive before the following friday, My previous sick note didn't arrive and i got very stressful and had to wait for some department to call my local GP, Can i get these
  22. Only companies can send BAC Payments and they generally take 24 hours to be received now a days. But all banks have to use faster payment as required by FSA.
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