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  1. I got my decision from DWP that i failed my atos medical on 23rd july, So 24 of january is when i was told i could re apply using the same illness, So that's 6 months from the decision date. But im just curious to why DWP are still paying me ESA even though my appeal was refused.
  2. Apparently i couldn't appeal to upper tier even though the judge and dr slandered my name and treated me like a ******. So anyway i've forgotten about all that, My appeal was november 26th, And my esa is still being paid to me. Is this normal that they continue paying. My sick note runs out on 18th february. Is this an error on their behalf or something or are they waiting for my sick not to end before ending my claim.... Confused. Soon as they close my claim, i will just reapply for ESA. But i heard if you apply for ESA under the same condition after 6 months they send you for a m
  3. I wasn't lying, And there's no proof i was. I have citizens advice reps to back me up. So according to the statement from the judge he being libel towards me. And it's like a biased judgement based on I dont know what. But they didn't base their decision on my medical condition. I supplied a letter from my doctor which basically states i have depression and anxiety, and agoraphobia with a constant low mood and i dont like to go out. with chronic asthma that gets worse around this time of the year because of the cold air but controlled with inhalers. My medication has been changed l
  4. I am going to wait till citizens advice open in the new year and take the report to them. Because the judges statement for refusal has really annoyed the hell out of me. Saying im lying just to get benefits. It's the junkies and alcoholics that go in and play up and end up getting everything. I just want help to get better from my mental health issues. They basically just ignored my doctors letter which backs me up. I am going to go on a war path with these people!!!
  5. Not sure but ill quote what the rest if the report says I have no idea what HCP is. Everything in my WCA i basically just relayed that information and the additional questions asked. I didn't say anything fake or exaggerated, I was sitting there a nervous wreck so i wouldn't have it in me to go in and lie and make up stories. I also have citizens advice reps, I had 2 in with me who can vouch for me. The the reason they told my citizens advice rep to why they refused isn't on the sheet. "They basically said he has no social experience to know how he would cope" So how do i kn
  6. I am really really shocked and annoyed with how the Judge dismissed my appeal. I got my statement from the judge today and was SHOCKED to see what was on it. The main bit that is wrong and libel actually is as followed: This has really annoyed me, I went in and told them simply what my disability is. What my problems are i never went in with some elaborate story to make out my condition was worse than it is. I just told them what i suffer and how i find certain things difficult. I find judgement to be libel actually. My doctors letter backs up what is wrong with me. Wha
  7. Well when you stop claiming JSA, Social Fund will get notified and if after a while you dont have any benefits live, they send you a letter from their debt recovery department, probably about a month or so ago. So I would suggest near the end of january into february before they start hassling you. Just call them and make a repayment plan. Think your thinking a bit ahead with liability orders lol. Or you could just phone social fund and explain your new situation......
  8. So my ESA is still active right now got a payment from them today, Although last week I made a claim for JSA from the 26 the november my appeal hearing. But they haven't processed my claim yet. But now im getting stupid letters and appointments from working links who i've already had issues with this year and i still have an on going complaint with Independent Case Examiner. Things just continue to get worse and worse. I am sick to death of this now. My doctors idea of help is increase my medication and say what ever happen just face it on. Yeah like im gonna do that.
  9. I seen my doctor on friday, Not very helpful actually. She wrote letters explaining my conditions. Now shes saying you need to find someone to get support, you need to face things face on. Basically tough **** deal with it. My doctor wont even help me what chance have i got, Shes not saying i should get support from WHO? exactly shouldn't she be the one suggesting that. I cant do normal things, For example, I cant go shopping, I couldn't buy certain products as i would feel weird buying them. I dont like to wear certain clothes cause i think people will be talking about me. I o
  10. Because i can make a new claim for ESA on january the 24th, But im hoping it doesn't come to that, My doctor will give me evidence to show my condition has worsened My ESA was denied on 23rd july, And my ESA tribunal was wednesday 26th november, rather quick if you ask me. some people apparently wait about a year. And my human rights to get support for my mental health conditions and stress. Saying i need to meet a criteria of illness is just stupid, And the fact the doctor contradicted herself is annoying me. I told her i cant cope in social situations and dont engage in conversat
  11. So the conclusion i've came to right now. I will go to the doctor and see if she will get me a letter to say my condition is worsened which it has. But in the mean time i think ill make a claim for JSA and fill in a JSA28 sick form. This should hopefully exclude me from signing on during december then do the same again in january till 24th where i can reclaim ESA. Only if my doctor doesn't give me a letter. I've also requested a statement from the judge telling me why they refused, And theres a bit in there where the doctor contradicts herself and ill be using this and the fact my hu
  12. Well, I have sent an email sscsa-glasgow@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk asking for a statement request explaining the decision to refuse my appeal in full. And the error in law was violating my human rights. I need support right now and throwing me out saying he didn't meet a certain criteria is just wrong. I am not fit to work. I cant work. It's not that im lazy. I have mental illness which i cant work right now and need help. There is just NO WAY on earth i can claim JSA. The strict rules for that benefit are just to much for me to handle, i claim ESA for stress, depression anxiety which include
  13. I never drunk or took drugs. I started taking diazepam and vodka this week just to block everything out. Block out the fact im going to be going through hell in the next few weeks with JCP AND JSA. I've already appealed my ESA and the tribunal said No. But apparently they were sympathetic to my case, hardly help me really. Going to see the doctor see what she can do. I am sick to death of this. Apologises about the new threads....
  14. I went to my appeal on wednesday and had my representative from citizens advice and im quite annoyed because they only appealed using 2 descriptors and i feel more should have been included. I have problems with social situations and cant or dont speak to people etc. the doctor asked me how i would cope in social situations and i said i dont know and i didn't quite understand that when i said i dont engange in conversation or go places that im not familiar with. And they refused me on the ground well how would he know he wouldn't cope if he has no experience, like t
  15. Only reason i want the report to prove that i do have specific anxieties. And while i get better, there is just no way i cant search for work or be in work. I've never had a job in my life, i did go to college for years, But im not in the right state of mind to work. And being on JSA would cripple me. I got zero points on my atos assessment. I have Citizens advice representing me, hopefully they will help me.
  16. Im being told by the mental health assessor, That he cant just print out my report and give it to me, But he can show it me on the screen. I dont understand, hes saying i need to file a application to records or something. All i want is a report of his findings to support my ESA Appeal. feel really annoyed now...
  17. I am just wondering what people think my chances of getting ESA are, I have CAB representing me etc. I went to mental health team last week for assessment, they diagnosed me with health and social anxiety, And would requite therapy/CBT classes to help me. And i also have a letter from my doctor supporting my case. Theres no way i could be on JSA and trying to repair my mind and health as the stresses would be to great and i wouldn't cope. Can i use my working links + JCP complaint to help me with my appeal. Since the last time i was on that the stress got to much, I actual
  18. I''ve got my appeal hearing in a few weeks, quite fast actually considering the stories i've heard it takes months. But what actually happens, I'm a nervous wreck thinking about it. I'm going with citizens advice. Do i need to speak to them. An do they tell you the decision on the day.
  19. I today went to see the mental health team regarding my stress and anxiety. The guy i spoke to said i probably have health and social anxiety and could probably do CBT therapy to help. Will i get a letter from them showing my diagnosis??? Because i will need this for my ESA appeal.
  20. Not sure what previous response ment. But i received my notification that the tribunal has received my appeal. How long does it take before im called to a board. Also what do i do with the letter of support from my doctor??? Citizens advice said i didn't need to send it at this stage. Do I give it to the board of people when im called. Thanks
  21. All the charges are in the terms and conditions. http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/dynamicmodules/pagecontentfooter/pageContentFooterPopup.jsp?pagecontentfooter_popupid=26746&s_cid=con_FURL_termcharges&utm_source=ATL&utm_medium=FURL&utm_content=R&utm_campaign=termcharges
  22. I went to CAB today and done my appeal and its now been sent. How long does it take before DWP get to see the appeal. so they can reinstate my ESA payments. Also CAB advised me that if i didn't go to the appeal panel. I would more than likely be denied ESA. So i have to go with an advisor. How long does it normally take before im called to the appeal board.
  23. I think all this worrying anf fighting with DWP has caused me to develop headaches. For months now iv been getting headaches last weeks. It's not a sharp pain, its just there and spreads all over my head throughout the day.
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