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  1. You could download the ESA50 and print it out if you have the ability to do so.
  2. DWP often informs councils of any change in benefit. Sometimes they don't and rely on claimants to complete a change of circumstances form. The council also have access to the benefit system to see what a person actually claims.
  3. Well my PIP was carried out by ATOS, And I can assure you that it is DWP who allocate what points you get, I even spoke to the decision maker. I doubt you will be successful in your first claim as no error in law exists, Just because you feel you should be awarded points for a descriptor, If this was the case upper tribunal would be extremely busy as everyone would be pointing out what they don't agree with, Which is what you do in the lower tribunal. The maximum points for preparing food is 8, So say you did get there, They could still only award you 2 points which is still not enough
  4. Do you have a specific point of law in which you are disputing that the court got wrong? You can't just apply to upper tribunal because you don't agree with the first tribunal. And you need permission. I doubt complaining to Capita will do anything, They don't make the decision or allocate points to any of the descriptors, It DWP that do it.
  5. DWP sent me a form saying I could be entitled to SDP. Does this just get added to my ESA claim, And will the SDP be backdated to the start of my PIP claim I believe it is? And how much is SDP? Thanks
  6. I looked at the letter again, It seems the descriptors are duplicated, Not sure why. Kinda complicated things, I think it is correct that I did score 11 points. Either way I'm still happy.
  7. When I counted the scores they gave me for each descriptor, I reached 22 counting the scores they gave me. But it says I only got 11 points, Even though the points giving add up to 22. I submitted evidence, Like 2 gp letters, and ESA report along with a mental health report.
  8. I counted my points received on the descriptors on the award letter, It said I got 11 points for daily living component so was on standard, But I counted all the points for this and counted 22. Help
  9. I applied on the first week of September, ATOS sent a report to DWP on the 13th october, And was awarded PIP on 20th. So quite fast and no face to face assessment. I'm quite happy with the outcome. Hope your outcome is good
  10. I called DWP and they told me that my PIP was awarded and that I was put on Daily living component, Standard. So I'm quite happy with the outcome without having to go for a face to face.
  11. I recently applied for PIP and sent evidence etc with my claim, I called ATOS today and they basically told me they have enough information that I wont need to go for a face to face assessment. Can someone advise me what this normally means for my claim status. Thanks
  12. So today, My council offered me a flat £70.59 per week. Which is fine. But on the 30th of July I have my ESA medical, And I don't know if ill pass or fail and im worried, So if I make a claim for housing benefit with ESA, and my ESA claim gets closed because of a failed medical, How would that effect my claim, if i made a JSA claim then appealed ESA? Quite worried now.
  13. I will do, They could see my new payment details on the system or that i did request them to be changed, So someone at DWP has made a problem. I got a new payment issued, So all is good. I know it's tax payers money but DWP can go whistle if they think im going to chase around companies to get it back. I told them in plenty of time. Thanks
  14. I called DWP to get my payment details changed to my post office account, I called on the 11th of march, payments are released on fridays for wednesday payments so plenty of time. The only problem is the company i had my benefits paid into were closing and on the 9th suddenly advised all customers to remove funds before the 13 other wise you wont get access, It's basically a prepaid visa debt card and the money is paid into a collections accounts and the company allocate the funds to the visa debt card account. So anyway DWP made a mistake and send the payment due on the 18th to the
  15. Well DM called me today saying my claim was accepted as a worsening condition for some reason back to the 6th of february. So not sure what happened now. But either way im back on ESA and what a relief it has been...
  16. So i spoke with a decision maker today and he explained to me the 15th of august date. So in august while waiting for my mandatory reconsideration i was told i could make a new claim of esa for a different condition, so i thought after looking at my sick note that it only had 2 illnesses stress and anxiety, But i told atos i suffer from asthma as well. So i got a sick line with asthma only and made a new claim for asthma which apparently got disallowed on the 15th of august with NO payment ever giving to me. So i began to get payments from my local council like a emergency fund which has noth
  17. Yeah, thats when i got my mandatory reconsideration decision, Which states the disallowance of ESA from the 23rd of july. And the letter for that was dated the 20th but apparently the decision was made on the 15th of august. There really annoying me and playing with all these dates... Due to make a complaint.
  18. I made an application for a short term benefit advance today via ESA. Now there is more dates to the confusion. The decision maker said refused to give me the advance payment because 6 month apparently hasn't passed from the date hes saying 15th august until 15 february, I made my claim on the 12 th february for esa under same illness. But the first 7 days of ESA are self certified and you dont get paid for that only when you get a sick line from the 7th/8th day in my case the 19th of february. So surly by that logic that's been 6 month past. Even though citizens advice told me it's 6 m
  19. Yeah, I've got the statement here and it annoyed me more to be honest. It basically said I exaggerated my disability with self interest on securing benefits, Which is a complete lie and nonsense and annoyed me.
  20. Just curious what you mean by this what mistakes??? and what do you mean at the end like I have money or something and im making out im without a penny??, Lucky i stay with my parents and im not living alone.
  21. I applied for a budgeting loan on my old esa claim and was accepted before they closed that claim and they awarded me £190 today and told me ill get the money in 3 days, So hopefully that will tide me over until my ESA is fixed properly. A bit of a relief for the time being, Been a horrible 2 months so far.
  22. I made a new claim for ESA on 12th of February. I got a sick note from my doctor today from 19th until 13 weeks. For chronic anxiety, depression and asthma. I failed my medical and tribunal last year, My original medical was 9th of July 2014 and decision 23rd July. My tribunal was 26 november 2014. I now spoke with ESA today about an advance payment as they basically left me high and dry without a penny and they said my claim would need to go to a decision maker because it's within 6 month of having same illness. But Citizens advice and my representative at my tribunal are
  23. I phoned ESA today and there adamant that the 6 month rule applies from the tribunal date and not the original medical refusal. I am kinda annoyed and worried now. I was told by citizens advice i could reapply for ESA on 24th january as that's six month from the original date. Now im being told i cant reapply till 6 months from 26th of november 2014. My original esa medical was 23rd july. Can someone help me cause im really stressed out now.
  24. So today i called DWP/ESA and they told me my claim was closed as of today 12/02/2015. I had my appeal refused on the 26th of november and that was them just closing. While speaking to the agent i said will reclaim using the same illness and she told me it's from the decision of the appeal. I told her thats incorrect and it's from the decision of the medical which was the 23rd of july 2014. So can i make a new claim for ESA now for stress and anxiety and asthma which was on my previous claim that got refused. Also can you take sick notes to the JCP and get them scanned for new claim
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