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  1. So I managed to speak to a DWP decision maker on the 4th. They basically told me something different to the people at Centre for health and disability told me. The centre told me that the WCA was withdrawn by DWP thats all they had, DWP told me that it was withdrawn because the assessment centre needs more information. Decision maker couldn't tell me what information was needed or what is going to happen. But just basically to wait. And there is a backlog as well.



  2. Rather annoying called ESA and they can't find any information on what I've said and what the health assessment people either.


    Can the ESA agent directly call my local BDS and find it, Because waiting for a callback is extremely stressing me out! I don't know if im coming or going.

  3. Hi, Thanks for reply.


    I've been on ESA since 2015. I got an ESA50 start of April and due back for 9th may. They got it exactly on this date.


    My circumstances from 2015 are literally the same, Nothing has changed.


    My doctor wrote me an extremely good letter, A long with a few specialists letters that he printed out for me.


    I just hope this is a positive outcome rather than negative. This entire week it's been someone or another happening.


    I will call first thing tomorrow, I called today and the agent said your situation isn't serious enough for me to call benefit delivery centre now, And you will get a call back within 48 hours, I suffer from extreme anxiety etc. So keeping someone like me waiting for 48 hours, Is literally torture.


    Can I just ask, DWP can't close or say one is fit for work based on paper information, Do they need to face to face to at least come to that conclusion?

  4. I sent my ESA50 long with doctors letters and specialists letters to Glasgow ASC, Wolverhampton address on the 02 of May....


    Called centre for health and disability assessments.

    They told me as of yesterday 22/05, DWP requested that my file be withdrawn from their services and returned to them...


    MY nervous are shattered now.

    Has anyone got experience of this happening or a possible reason,

    Naturally i'm trying to get through to DWP but it's taking me ages.


    Got my worried now.... Thanks

  5. Ok, So here is an update.


    I spoke to Stirling park via phone,

    Spoke to a guy who understood my issues,


    Went to speak to his "manager" or someone higher.

    Came back and said the £79.10 sheriff fees have been removed and account on hold.

    Because they council have directly went to DWP and asked for a reduction.


    I suffer from severe mental health issues.

    This has completely put me of course for today.


    Why have they done this and allowed this to happen in the way it did,

    I understand It's my debt etc and needs to be paid.


    But why send officers out when they are going to take money from my benefits regardless?



  6. No my current year is being billed as 18/19.


    The debt they are enforcing is 17-18 and it says the council went and got a summary warrant at the court on the 24th april, Stirling park sent me a letter and it's dated 2nd of may. It's only the 22nd of May.... How the hell can they just justify sending out sheriff officers and adding a cost of £79.10.


    Things have been extremely difficult right now, And for by all that I am to go for an ESA assessment and had to get all my documents in order.


    I dont know.

  7. I had an outstanding council tax debt of £79.20 for last years council tax 2017.


    Today out the blue I got a visit from 2 sheriff officers and now my council tax has doubled to £158.30. They have doubled my debt! I am on ESA.


    How the hell is this legal, The council tax year only started in April. This seems completely out of order and so hurried for such a small debt, They never even gave me a chance to pay, Now they are saying the fees can't be removed cause they sent officers out.


    This has enraged me, What can i do? Thanks

  8. I am posting a thread on behalf of my mother,


    She claims Income Support and Carers Allowance at present, I am wondering if she can claim ESA and Carers at the same time due to severe depression amongst other things, Which I don't want to post on here...



  9. I in november 2015 I took out a contract and got a "new" couch from Brighthouse,


    I have started getting letters through in my name with JNR at the end of it.


    My dad has the exact same name as me, I dont stay with him, I have my own house.


    Surely brighthouse have discussed my account with my dad

    and confirmed my details to him,

    Surely this is a breach of contract and breaking data protection.


    Does anyone have any advice on what I should do regarding this,

  10. I know there is threads already about this but I went to my local job centre to sign on and my advisor said that I've been out of work for a year, he mentioned the work programme to me.


    Is it as bad as people make out?




    The work program is a 2 year referral and 2 years must be completed which can be spread out through many years i.e. signing off then on won't make it go away.


    The work program can be bad, Sometimes you might get power mad advisers who maybe a little harsh in how they react to you're job searches etc.

  11. Be very careful G4C89 following advice from here.

    I'm sure people mean well, but they're ultimately all keyboard warriors shouting a good game about what you "should" do. But when you're actually in the job centre looking behind you for support in the real world?


    If you get sanctioned they will be nowhere to be seen, but they'll feel good for telling you what you should/would/could do.

    Take any advice you get here with a pinch of salt.

    They're all nutters on ESA anyway, if they're so clever why can't they even get a job in the real world?!! Ask yourself that before taking any internet advice!

    Good luck.


    Isn't it just the case that you're on JSA and got sanctioned, It wasn't anyone's fault on here you got sanctioned, You came here for advice originally, Now because you didn't get the advice you thought may help you're case you are warning other users.


    No need to take you're anger out on the forum or the people who give advice.

  12. She stays with him in the same house, She takes care of all his claims etc due to autism.


    She is seeing Councillors and GP's and has been on a number of medications for years.... We just don't know if we call ESA start the application send the sick note wait for the claim to be processed then close income support and carers allowance.


    How much is reduced from an income support claim if someone is claiming carers allowance.

  13. Hi,


    Looking for some advice.


    My mum currently gets carers allowance and income support for my little brother who gets DLA and ESA.


    She is currently suffering from severe depression and and a problem with lungs due to smoking along with other issues,


    She wants to claim ESA, But what is the process to claim ESA while claiming carers and income support, She is worried she will be without money, Which can't happen.



  14. So, I've noticed my black glass table has been covered in white flakes or whatever, Anyway, I'm hardly in the flat at the moment because I'm in the process of moving in.


    Anyway I've came to the conclusion that the up stairs flat must be jumping that hard on the floor it's caused damage to my ceiling...


    I've got some pictures for anyone who might be able to offer advice, I have a good mind to go to the council office on Monday. Clearly just using the place as a party flat or something.










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