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  1. I haven't provided a forwarding address - not much to forward there - but I do have contact details for my old address and can ask to access any mail if it has been kept and not resent. I understand better now the rules of the Railcard tickets, however surely it seems slightly unfair to punish/prosecute rather harshly those that have a railcard and forget it once in a while. I understand that the process is to stop people from taking advantage of the system, and getting unwarranted discounts. But for those that have actually paid for that railcard and can eventually prove it, such extreme fines seem an overly exaggerated response. My problem is not to do with the actual fine, it's to do with the fact that I don't agree with such a response for a misplaced/forgotten railcard when it actually can be proven that it was bought in good faith. I also understand that it is the T&Cs as it stands today. Still uncertain as to what I am going to do. Thank you for your help anyway.
  2. The address on my railcard is actually not my current one, its my previous one. I got the railcard in Aug 2011 valid till Aug 2012, and moved to uni in September 2011. I have no family so was was renting previously rather than living in a 'home' address.
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for someone to help me if possible. I was on a journey on a First Great Western Train from Reading to Plymouth, on a ticket bought online, one month return and discounted for a Young Person's Railcard (YPR) The Train Manager asked to see the tickets and YPR; I looked from my YPR and couldn't find it, so he gave me a fine of 140£ for the journey. HOWEVER, 30 minutes later I found my YPR and was trying to find the train manager to give it to him, but had to get off the train as I had arrived to my destination. I immediately went to the ticket office, who tried their best to help, but there was no phone number to call RPSS and explain the situation. At the same time, when the train manager was issuing me with a fine, he ended up writing the wrong address, even though I tried to give him the right one. Let me explain that one: I live in a rather new development, whose postcode is not yet registered. He looked up the postcode with RPSS but couldn't find it, so he assumed I Was making it up, and ended up writing an address to the road that I live on that is rather non existent, as the RPSS supplied him with it as a close match! so for example, instead of taking my right address which let's say is 10 garden mansions, james road, tt8 7tr, he had something like 10 james road, tt8 7tg. which is either a non existent address or the wrong one. I tried to explain that to him but I am presuming he thought I was dodging my address. My questions are the following: 1- How can I prove that I had my railcard on me, or at least appeal the fine for that matter? (I haven't paid it on the spotas I don't have the money) and how likely is it that they will pardon it or reduce the amount at least? 2- I have never dodged a payment, and would not want to start doing it now. However considering that I was legally right, and my misfortune was that I temporarily panicked about my railcard, a fine of 140pounds seems unfair and scary, as I am a student with absolutely nothing to my name. They don't have my address and I am not on the electoral register; can I just leave it at that? considering that I tried to explain that my address is not registered under royal mail postcodes and he has to input it manually? Any help would be much appreciated
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