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  1. Hi, I've been on contribution based ESA since I had cancer and have had an ongoing problem due to the treatment which means it would be impossible for me to work. I won my tribunal last year after my ESA was stopped after an "assessment" by ATOS and I was placed in the WRAG. I had another assessment by ATOS in February and have been informed that my contribution based ESA will stop at the end of April due to the governments proposal to limit ESA to 365 days. What I would like to know if anyone can help is can I reapply for ESA when the original claim ends as my condition has not and probably will not improve and therefore I will be unable to work (even if I could find a job!). I cannot claim JSA as I cannot with any honesty say that I am able to work. I have worked all my life (apart from a few years when the kids were young) and would be working still if this illness hadn't happened to me. I don't know how we are going to manage without my ESA money. It seems that the government are penalising people who have paid into the system and through no fault of their own are now not able to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by anyone who has similar probs. Thanks:frown:
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