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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply! You hit on some good point which I'll definitely take on board. In answer to your questions: I am currently in negotiations with the Landlord(s) estate agent about lease terms for the new premises. They are happy to give me a break clause in my first year of trading, so that gives me a safety net. I have also recently requested for a fre rental period to be considered, as the Landlord currently wants 3 months rent up front which is capital I would have preferred to spend on refitting the premises. The cafe I currently run was, and always has been prior to my arrival, a 'greasy spoon'. The kitchen facilities are very spacious and already lend themselves well to multiple operations. My plan would be employ a chef for the existing kitchen and front of house staff for the new premises, leaving me to float between to two as they are no more than 150 yards apart. It will be a struggle at first to pay two lots of rent, however, the existing cafe makes enough on hot beverages a week to cover itself so any surplus act as a contingency fund if needed.
  2. Hi Everybody, I have a local cafe business which I am looking to relocate to a better, more prominent area of my town. At present, I have been trading for less that 1 year yet the business has seen significant growth and customer footfall is increasing despite it’s current location within the town’s local market (which has seen better days!) Recently, a rare opportunity to rent a shop on the main busy high street has presented itself and I am very eager to move my operation to this new premises. The shop is smaller than my existing premises, however I would be looking towards providing ‘food to go’ rather than offering a seated menu. Furthermore, I would be keen to carry on renting my existing kitchen facilities to produce the ‘food to go’ for the new shop, with the existing cafe operation being reverted back to how it was before I took over – moving my branding etc to the new shop. I have a 2 months waiting period before the occupiers of the new premises move out. What would be the best strategy to help me pull this off successfully? All advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hello Everyone, I have recently received a letter from Lloyds Bank writing to advice me of their 'concerns' about previous advice regarding my Fixed Rate ISA with Scottish Widows, take out in 2012. First question: Is this just a ploy to sell me another product which wouldn't necessarily be of any benefit to me / reduce my interest rate? I have been looking at the new Fixed Rate ISA's currently available on Money Saving Expert and interested in 'The Coventry' at 2.10% AER until 2019. Second Question: Does anybody have any experience through banking with them? Positive or negative. Finally, I would be gratful for any advice with regards to moving / saving my money to gain the best interest rates / return on my savings (currently over £10,000) Thank you for your time and I appreciate any feedback and advice from you in due course
  4. Thanks for you reply. I have provided them with the following brief letter to accompany their completed form. I have been a tenant at ************* since **********, where I have been the only person liable to pay council tax on this property and remain eligible for a single person’s discount of 25% deductible from my council tax bill. I have provided a copy of my tenancy agreement to accompany this letter for your perusal and to justify this statement. I am the only person liable to pay council tax for this address until my tenancy agreement is terminated. I have completed the Household – Joining & Leaving Form, as requested, which can be found with this letter. I am unable to provide you with details regarding any named person’s previous and forwarding addresses other than my own. I have been and remain to be the only tenant in the property and I have not given anybody permission to use my address for the purpose of receiving written correspondence or with intent to provide evidence of fixed abode. I declare that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I hope any residential issues regarding my accommodation are rectified as quickly as possible to avoid further complications. Yours sincerely,
  5. Hello to all and thank you for reading / helping, I have received a council tax household form - joining and leaving, from my local council which states they have been advised that the person named (not myself) is now a resident at my address. Although I know this person, they have never been a resident at my address nor have I given them permission to use my postal address for their correspondence. I have tried contacting the person in question but they refuse to reply. I have no previous or forwarding address details for them, which is requested on the form. What are my rights? Is it illegal to use somebody's postal address without their consent? Will I be fined and loose my single person's discount if I cannot provide the council with the information they have requested?
  6. Hello all, I have recently received a letter from Arvato who have issued me with a final reminder to pay a balance related to 1&1 Internet Limited. I have never purchased any services from this company yet, somehow, I have an outstanding balance of £120! Can anybody help me compile a letter to dispute this please? Thanks in advance,
  7. Hello again, Still waiting for results from https://www.gov.uk/find-lost-pension Will keep you posted
  8. Thank you for the link. I have completed the form and will update you with the results!
  9. Hello all, Hope you can help with this: I have a very old pension scheme with B Elliot UK (from my first job back in the late 90's) and I'm looking for more details about it. As far as I know, the funds were being managed by sbj benefit consultants, however the last letter I received from them was 29 April 2008. Since then the contact numbers are no longer in use. I am keen to find out what has happened to this money, if it still exists, and what options I have in claiming it / transferring it etc All help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Honeybee, Her employment has been terminated instead of being transferred to her new job. She hasn't signed anything since (supposedly) being transferred. I hope this clarifies
  11. Hello all A dear friend of mine has been working for a major pub chain for over 2 years and recently been granted an in-house transfer to another establishment within the same company. After consulting her new manager about the unexpected news that she is pregnant, she has been informed that her transfer is invalid due to her previous manager terminating her contract instead of transferring her contract to her new place of employment. As she is now technically classed as a 'new employer',what are her maternity pay / leave rights? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Everyone! Can anybody help me approximate my monthly wage please? I have recently returned to work after a period of sickness and I would like to work out how much I should of received this month as I believe there are discrepancies in my employer's calculations. The GOV.UK SSP calculator has worked out I am entitled to £173.41 for the period of sickness. I am on £18,000 pa salary and paid every month. All help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you all for you advice! I have responded to my employer considering your advice as follows, My employer has since responded with their clarification and corresponded with the following statement, Can I also point out that I still do not have a signed copy of my Contract of Employment ... does this place me in a vunerable position? Thank you again for your advice
  14. Hello to all I am currently recovering from having my appendix removed and I'm looking to start back work asap! I am due to start back to work on Saturday which will be 7 days off in total. I would like some clarification about my right to use their statutory holiday entitlement during my sickness period. My employers have stated, "On the issue of your sick pay we are unfortunately unable to allocate holiday to the time you have been absent as we have a legal obligation to use SSP. It is also our company policy not to authorise the use of holiday for absence due to sickness in most circumstances." However, http://www.Gov.uk advices the following ot it's website, "Employees only need a fit note from a doctor after 7 days off work sick and have the right to use their statutory holiday entitlement during their sickness." Can anybody enlighten me as to my rights as an employee? Thanks in advance
  15. Hello all! :)I am a tenant living a flat above a retail premises.My electicity meter is located in the shop below and is a sub-meter to their main meter. My share of the electricity bill is divided up, charged to me every month and paid alongside my rent. Now then! I have recently recieved an email from my landlords property manager stating that my share of all previous bills did not include VAT and therefore I owe them additional money.After asking why the bills were not issued inclusive of VAT, I was told that the electicity account with Utility Warehouse is a business account and therefore VAT is not added to the amount.I swiftly rang Utility Warehouse and asked if this was correct. They confirmed that the bill comes with 2 pages; the first is totalled without VAT and the second is totalled with VAT. That said, I assumed that the bills had been worked out from the front page total by mistake.HOWEVER, should I be paying VAT on my share of the bill anyway? The business will surely be able to claim back the VAT through their accounts, right? If this is the case, am I effectively just paying my landlord more rent?All help welcome, thanks in advance
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