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  1. Hi Slick, Yesterday, after I read your message I went onto their site and low and behold I couldn't get into the members area like I could the day before. it now shows that my membership is cancelled? Interesting???
  2. Hello Slick132, To answer your question, no, I could cancel when I liked it was a PAYG type gym. However, when I cancelled I had already paid for the month I cancelled in. So I don't owe them anything. Your so kind. I already emailed them with the points that you raised, however, I didn't add the screen shots of there cancelling procedure. This is something I could do once I get feedback, if it is not the reply I am looking for. F
  3. Hello Slick132, Thanks for your reply. I have cancelled the DD and I will take your suggestion and print screen of each stage of the cancellation process. If the letter is not successful i will proceed to small claims court, I know its only a small amount of money but it is the principle and they are deceiving people and I am sure this is not the first time that this has happened.
  4. Hello, Today I was going through my personal online account and noticed that the Gym Group, where I was a member, were still taking money out of my account, even though I cancelled with them on the 5 January 2012. I emailed and called and they told me that their online cancellation procedure is not actually a cancellation procedure, its a survey and that it tells you at the bottom of the screen to cancel with the bank. When you go to cancel your membership it states very clearly 'cancel membership / freeze membership' and it doesn't say anywhere that it is a survey.; so I click
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