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  1. Yeah I paid for a 3 month warranty, the issue is not with them repairing the vehicle. But the fact it was sold faulty and then the 2 repairs since have failed. To be honest, I dont even think on the previous repairs they used the warranty as its covered by a third party. After the second failure it went back to Vauxhall as the dealer claimed it was their part that failed. Apparently after this time the van is back with them as they did the last repair.
  2. All All, Any advice would be great. Basically bought a second hand van from a dealer at a cost of £4500. The day I drove it hoped noticed the engine management light flashed when I demanded acceleration and it was sluggish as it went into limp mode. Called garage and returned and they fitted a new turbo as it was not working. Few weeks later whilst driving I had to stop the car due to the new failed dumped all the oil out of the engine, there was a lot of smoke! Got it towed back to the dealer. The dealer sent it to Vauxhall for repair (ironically their garage is over the
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