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  1. Thanks for all your detailed and knowledgable answers! I really appreciate the information .. Yes, I did not travel with a railcard, I accept the responsibility. However my issue is with the fact FGW are charging me for an anytime single when my actual ticket was super off peak single - do they have a right to do this? Also, my train was over two hours late and I am told I cannot gain compensation - so not only can I not claim any compensation, they are also charging me an unjust fine. With regards to the £65.00 admin costs, do I have the reight to ask for a breakdown and for them to jus
  2. Hi all...Earlier in March I travelled Super off peak single with a railcard that was a couple of weeks out of date. I didn't realise until I hopped on the train. I recieved a letter this morning from FGW telling me they are preparing the case for court! If i am convicted of an offence I could be ordered to pay a fine of £1000 and/or be sentenced to 3 months imprisoment. Basically I think it's completley unjust that they are charging me £160.95 as I already payed the original fare just my railcard was out of date! I think this is completley taking the P@**S! Please help if you know of
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