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  1. My insurer said their final stance is to put a door bar to divide the rooms. I told them i'm not happy with this as the floor will not be in the same state it was before the loss and furthermore this result will not be sufficient to my needs so I put forward a complaint to my insurance company initially as advised by the fos......
  2. Wow, three replies @ Conniff. The policy summary of cover states the sum insured is the Full reinstatement value and the basis of settlement is ' reinstatement or repair without deduction for wear, tear & deprecation'. Also there isn't any wear & tear anywhere else. @ Mwynci. The flat is all one level with a door bar leading to the bathroom. There are no other breaks or door divides in the property. Yes, they have been out to asses the damage and they did comment on this issue! @unclebulgaria67. I think i'll contact the insurance company to see what their stance is &
  3. Good morning, This is my first post here so hello all! I have a buildings insurance claim ongoing for my flat to replace the laminate floor as a result of a leak from above. The laminate floor has been laid as one piece throughout the flat. The building insurance company have agreed to replace the floor but say 'we cannot be responsible for the replacement of laminate flooring throughout the entirety of your flat as these other areas are unaffected.' therefore I assume they want to put a bridging bar to divide the rooms. I find this unacceptable because this would not leave m
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