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  1. Hi I sent the non-compliance letter and have had no response, what would be the next best course of action? Thanks
  2. Sorry jilbo78 I meant to respond in my original thread.
  3. Well, low and behold! No reply to my non-compliance letter, what would be my the best course of action at this stage? Thanks
  4. I have just received my SAR from Creation. Now I have the evidence to make my claim for mis-sell. On the application form (filled in by the shop assistant) I have declined an additional card for my partner but yet they have ticked 'Yes' for Creation 3D protection, not for me but for my partner? Also the CPP section has been crossed through, yet still added same time each year So here we go, let's see them wriggle out of this one. Good luck everyone
  5. Hi jilbo78 No I haven't sent a claim form in yet, I'm waiting to see if they have any account information on record. So far they have replied to my SAR saying they don't hold records for more than 6 years. I have sent a non compliance letter, because they have been able to provide account information for customers longer than six years and asked them to send me proof that my records have been destroyed. I'm just waiting for a reply.
  6. Hi jilbo78 We are in exactly the same boat. I had accounts with HFC closed over 6 years ago and was mis-sold in the same way. I also have no paperwork, shredded it all. However I found the account numbers on some old bank statements as the payments were direct debits, so you could try that. Good luck
  7. Many thanks, I will try this. I have realised that they did not return the cheque I wrote, they have sent me one of theirs, that's odd? They told me the PPI was compulsory
  8. Thanks both, I was told the PPI was compulsory and now I know that counts as a mis-sell, I don't want to let them get away with it. Is there a template for failure to comply letter?
  9. Hi I have just had my £10 SAR cheque returned from HFC Bank because the accounts have been closed over 6 years ago. In the letter they say; "HFC Bank retains account information and documentation for a period of six years after an account has been closed. This is done to ensure HFC Bank complies with certain laws and regulations, including The Data Protection Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act". I have no paperwork except bank statements, which is where I got the account numbers from. When I took out the loan they told me the PPI was I have only recently realised
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