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  1. Hi Martin, I had to sign a declaration for exemption (sections 16B and 189 (1) & (2) CCA 1974) for the larger loan in 2009. The 2010 loan for the lower amount actually spells out certain rights the bank have under the CCA - like not needing a court order to enforce the agreement! On turning the overdraft into a loan in 2009 I don't remember actually meeting anyone and on the 2010 loan I definitely never met anyone! Everything was done by post. I've now received a letter from Natwest collections department telling me I'm in default (seeming to indicate missed payments - which is
  2. Hi, I'm probably not the best person to advise, but I can certainly empathise with your situation. I believe that as your loan and overdraft are unsecured, after you cease trading and default on repayments the bank will ask you for a proposal for how you intend to repay the money. You will then need to work out your income (jobseekers allowance?) and living expenses and make them a monthly payment offer. Even if this is small amount (£15?) it should keep them off your back. I'm sure someone with more experience will be able to help more.
  3. Hi, I’ve been reading forum threads for a few days and would like to congratulate you all on amassing such a mine of information! I hope I am posting this in the right place. I have a problem that I would like to ask for help with. To cut a long story short, I’ve run a business for over 20 years, initially in partnership with my wife until her death and then as a sole trader. I bank with Natwest and until a few years ago my relationship manager brought bottles of wine at Christmas and congratulated us! The recession and losing our biggest customers hit hard and I reduced staff fro
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