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  1. Thats good advice ..... my only problem now is I did try and resolve this with currys. They wanted to do another finance agreement, which i accepted but for some strange reason the finance agreement FAILED. Dont see how it failed as only 3 weeks prior it was ACCEPTED by the finance company. Based on this currys are now saying that they either want FULL payment in full or they want the tv back. What would you suggest?
  2. understand, but looking at it from a legal point ...... i dont have an agreement with currys. my agreement was with the loan company and currys paid my agreement with a credit note
  3. hello. please can someone give me some advice. i took out a loan agreement with a company when i purchased a new TV from currys. I paid my initial deposit payment to the loan company and then currys accidently sent a credit note to the loan company and cleared the balance of the loan with the credit note. The loan company refunded my deposit payment. Now currys are hassling me daily to pay them direct for the TV. Is this right?
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