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  1. Hi, yes, I am considering the consent order, I didn't want to shoot myself in foot though, if they withdraw their offer then won't I be left high and dry on the court date if I haven't provided supporting evidence? Have I done wrong thing?
  2. Hi, I am about to take my court bundle in, they have as yet not sent me an executed agreement, as I am just challenging their POC and my defence was 'prove it' I am just challenging the fact that its an agreement and also that I offered to pay amount minus charges years ago and it was ignored. is there anything else I need to add in? Im sooo nervous right now incase i forgot something ..
  3. It's is defaulted on CRA. It drops off file in feb. I'm so fed up, wanted an end to it. I'd rather take it to court if that's the case.
  4. Yes they have taken the charges off, there is a bit extra but I would have been happy to pay that. Although if I am to have another 6 years with it on my file then I dont really fancy it lol. I dont understand it really, I thought that only 6 years was recorded on my CRF, I didnt realize that paying towards it would stay on file for a further 6 years. AH ngihtmare
  5. Thankyou citizenB! I have received a letter from the court saying the claimant and the courts would like a copy of the evidence I wish to rely on in court. This default is just about to drop of my credit report, so, if I actually pay this amount as a goodwill gesture to avoid court will it be recorded or will that just be that? Cant wait for it to be over tbh.
  6. Hi, I have received a without prejudice letter from arrow, they are offering to settle for £200, however I have to obtain a consent order, I have also been asked to send in all the documents I have been asked to rely on in court. Whats the next step? if I pay the £200 to settle why do I need to get a stay? Hmm, time is of the essence here as I have to send in my documents before next wed, they have gave me until the 29th jan to pay the £200
  7. hi, I have a court date They have sent me all information they feel is what i requested. I need to have a proper look through, My court date is in Jan. Would appreciate some help really (re the above). I also sent me a letter saying that I am not entitled to see the 'assigment (I think, paperwork not at hand and just about to go to work). as its a contract between themselves and the OC. Will update later
  8. thanks for those links, Im dyslexic so its difficult to navigate and find relevant info at times
  9. Hi, I have received documents and the AQ. I'd appreciate some guidence if possible Here's link to thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?361443-Please-help-with-next-step-re-Bryan-Carter-Arrow-Court-Proceedings/page6 Thanks
  10. As far as I can tell this isn't the official agreement, but a copy of my signature on an agreement when I applied for the card. Can someone confirm this? I need to send allocation questionnaire on Monday and they haven't complied with the CPR request. Please can someone advise? It would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I think they are the ones from inception. 2005. Terminated in 2007 jan(ish). Is that the agreement or application form.? This is the response to my CPR request. I have received a copy of their AQ too.
  12. Hi, I have received the AQ, if I post up the supposed agreement on here can someone case their eyes on it so I can fill in the AQ appropriately. I have not received any further information from Arrow.
  13. Hi all i have received some paperwork from arrow. A) change of solicitor form b) my (signed) agreement which i signed for online (don't know how this should be.set out) in 2005 with RBS c) a reconstituted notice of assignment they have requested statements from OC so, need to figure out where im going next with this.
  14. ah, yes, i may give them a call, will it be northampton? or shall i wait until its my localcourt?
  15. I received same letter as you andymzua, as far as I know it means nothing other than Arrow will be dealing with it themselves. I have receved no response re my defence. I think I am leaving it a couple of weeks before I call the courts to see whats happening. dpick, why do i need to send a copy of the letter to court? and which court? northampton??
  16. Hi, I have received a letter from Bryan staying he is no longer dealing with this case and has handed it back to Arrow. Its nearly 4 weeks since i handed my defence in. Will courts send me a letter if its stayed (or not)?? I decided not to do CCA as CPR should reveal info I need. Hope the conclusion is reached before christmas at most
  17. The point of the cpr is to establish if.they have documents required (or needed) for case. If they sent u all documents u could say, 'ah, that debt, i forgot about that' (and pay), but in this case they can't prove you owe debt and why pay a random company u don't know money just because they sent u a letter. What would your defence be? Do u know what it is? Is it statute barred? If u have a solid defence then use it, otherwise the civil procedure rules are a must
  18. Well, I don't know the ins and outs of the uncles income so cant really comment. Can I assume the 'disability pension' is a pension and not dla? Because if the aunt is paid £50 and the uncle £50 and the uncle only receives DLA the other £30 may be kept for 'rainy day'. Seriously, can't speculate though, dont know enough info to give more info than i have
  19. Hi, DLA mobility only has two components, higher and lower and is paid to the individual with the disability (or need). The only benefit the aunt is entitled to is carers allowance, however, the uncle is an individual in this own right and should (in my opinion) be contributing to the household. I understand its very difficult as its family involved. If you do not want to take up the advice of a social worker (who will have more knowledge in this type of area), then yes CAB will be worth a visit, if only to point you to other organisations in the area, there may also be a local car
  20. Hmm, this does sound very unjust. Ok, I dont know if your uncle has a social worker? People with POA need to keep a strict record of income and outgoings, etc. Like I said, I would request an assessment of need from local authority, they will look into all of this (or should). I dont know why cousin has control over your uncles finances, but he seems to be taking advantage of both your mum and your uncle. I dont know if your uncle has any other assets but the money your cousin receives is actually paid to your uncle. So the pension he receives and the DLA is your uncles income. Y
  21. What does the 'older brother' think about this? If he has no mental capacity issues I dont know why your cousin would have power of attorney? Maybe you should look into that? If your cousin is not providing care then he should not be receiving carers allowance as one of the criteria is that you have to be providing care for over 35 hours (i think thats the right amount). Do you think your uncle may have an extra component in his benefits rather than care allowance? Does your uncle have access to his funds? I wonder, do you know that your uncle is entitled to an Assessmnet of
  22. Hiya, I have been preparing for the next steps re this claim and have been reviewing info I have. Im trying to make sense on how to proceed. Please can someone answer the following (or make a comment): Is it worth me formally asking Arrow for a CCA and the other docs? or do i rely on the CPR to obtain them now If they cannot provide a CCA does that stop them proceeding further at court (until they find it) and if they dont supply the CCA will the claim be stuck out or stayed? This debt may be from a account with a (possibly) faulty default notice, does that make a difference t
  23. Hi ros Yes sorry, they take into account other children he will be supporting too (in new CSA anywa). I have heard lots of examples of how unfair the old system was (where they take into account household income)
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