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  1. Thank you. What do you mean by enforceable? And how do I check if it is? If it's not enforceable and I tell them/ignore them, what's to stop them getting a CCJ to enforce it? Thanks in advance
  2. The debt was for a catalogue account, JD Williams. The total amount is £1135.86 and is from 2014. I have checked trust online and it says there is nothing registered against my name but, that is at my new address as the system wouldn't recognise my old postcode. Also, just to add. This CCJ is not on my noddle credit file or clear score. I haven't looked at experian/equifax as I'm reluctant to pay for them when I can get them for free. Both of these credit ref agencies have my new and old addresses on.
  3. My apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum. I recently emailed a DCA (Lowell) to get details of my debt with them so that I could set up a repayment plan with them. They have informed me today that in June 2015, they applied for a County Court Judgement on the amount, it was awarded and I was ordered to pay back £50 per month. They have obviously not received any payments from me as I did not know anything about it. I moved in March last year. Admittedly, I did not give Lowell my new address as it was a pretty stressful time and it went over my head. I know, this is completely my fault. Because of this though, I literally had no idea about this CCJ until this morning. I'm just wondering, if there is a way this CCJ can be removed as I wasn't made aware? I have no issue with paying the debt, I just don't really want a CCJ over my head. I'd be grateful if any of you could offer any help or advice. Thanks in advance.
  4. It might be better to start your own thread on this one?! Have they taken any money from you? Have you had any PDL's with anyone else who could be trading under the CFO licence? I'm not too clued up but someone will be along to offer some advice I'm sure although, I'd probably start a new thread and explain everything in detail to get the best advice!
  5. Well, when it happened to me I was in a (fee paying) dmp. They did originally tell me that I couldn't do chargeback because I owed them the money (although I don't know if this is actually correct) but when I explained that I had been in a dmp for a few months, they finally agreed.
  6. When I use my debit card, in any shop, the money comes from my 'available balance' but the 'account balance' stays the same and often takes a few days to update. Until it does, I can't see who those transactions were for and for what amounts because they don't show on my statement (if that makes sense) When CFO took the money from my account, the bank said that I couldn't even start a chargeback until the transaction(s) (there were about 8 in total) were showing on my statement and, as I already knew, this could take a few days. I checked my internet banking daily until it happened and as soon as I saw them appear, I was straight back on the phone to the bank. Then they processed it pretty much straight away although they promised it would be back in my account within 48 hours and it actually took about 4 days, it did eventually go back in. Maybe that's what your bank are saying??
  7. Oh really?? That's interesting! Thanks for the heads up on that one!!
  8. Unfortunately it was... I have seen the light now though (after that issue anyway! There've been other issues where contact details have been passed on and the only people to have those details are the DMC etc etc) and am now in a self managed DMP!
  9. And.... scarily enough, the account details they originally had were with Natwest and the new details they got, from god knows where, were Lloyds TSB. I am convinced they somehow got my details from my DMC although the DMC strongly deny that that could've happened!
  10. I'm sorry if I'm hijacking this thread - I don't mean to but just to add to the OPs complaint about them obtaining details not given to them... They did the same to me! They swiped almost £300 from my new bank account 2 days before Christmas, even though I had a payment plan in place with them via a DMC. When I confronted them about it, they told me that I had reapplied for finance with them and therefore gave them my new card details and permission to use them. I can say that at no time after taking out my original PDL with them, did I apply for finance with them or with any other PDL. I asked them to give me the exact dates and times to which I applied and they couldn't. I was fortunate enough to get my money back via a chargeback but I have never been able to find out how or when they got my new details! Hope you get your money back!!!
  11. Hi all... Thank you all for your replies, I think I'm getting there. Just one more question if you'll be kind enough to help... If a default was issued by the OC and then the debt was sold to a DCA, can the DCA lodge a default on the same debt too? Or does this coincide with the 'one default per debt' rule?? Thanks again!
  12. Brilliant - thank you for your replies... So, from what you're saying, if I have an arrangement to pay set up with each creditor/DCA it wouldn't really benefit my credit file to pay off my debt in a lump sum because the defaults are going to be there for 6 years either way... Obviously it would benefit me because I'll be debt free quicker although won't benefit my credit scoring?! Is that right? Or am I being dense?
  13. I apologise if this is a dumb question but it's been making me wonder for some time now and I wonder if anyone has the answer... Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on here... So, a default lasts on your credit file for 6 years. Is that from the date the default was issued? Or does the 6 years start from the date the debt was paid in full? If I have missed 3 consecutive payments, do these class as 3 defaults for one debt or can they only default me once? I'm not planning on getting any defaults, just to be clear. Unfortunately they're already there after stupidly getting myself into debt but, even though I know it's going to take at least 6 yrs, I really want to try to clean up my report so would like to know how it works, so to speak. Thanks in advance for your replies
  14. Yes very much so citizenB, thank you very much!
  15. Thank you both for your replies! It's not that I have any real issue with telling them the names of the creditors, I just want to do things right and don't want to succumb to any possible 'bullying' or being forced to declare things I don't have to by law. I will definitely contact the national debt line and get some more advice from them. Thank you again for your replies, you've been very helpful
  16. Hi, I don't know if this is in the right place so I apologise if it's not... I am currently in a pickle with my debts.. I became untrustworthy of my debt management company so have cancelled with them and after reading a few success stories, have decided to do a self managed debt management plan. I am in the process of contacting all of my creditors and DCAs to arrange payment plans etc. I have been contacted by Moorcroft Debt Recovery to organise a payment plan with them although they're asking me to fill in a very specific I&E form. I have read somewhere, can't remember where, that they can't ask me specifics, just figures on what I pay out each month... Is this correct? I don't want to 'refuse' to fill in the specifics if I have to by law so I thought I'd get some advice before hand. Thanks in advance
  17. Hiya, I apologise in advance if I am posting in the wrong thread. I'm just wondering... Does a company have to provide you with a copy of something proving you agreed to T&C's before you purchased something online if you request it or can they refuse to do this? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi everyone, I came across this forum after trying to find help on a Pay Day Loan I have with Wonga and 2 others. I scoured each forum and I have to say a massive thank you to you all. Your advice has been invaluable to me and I have emailed Wonga asking to enter into a payment plan using a template someone posted on here and within 10 minutes they'd replied accepting the proposed payments. This had taken a great weight from my shoulders! I just wanted to say thanks really, you've all been a great help!!!!!
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