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  1. Thanks for your reply. Huge number of complaints!!! I am afraid that if I don't make the payment then they will trash my credit file. When I spoke to vanquis they said I should ring up every month to find out the payment!!! I have never know a company like this.
  2. Hi All I really can't believe this crook of a company. In the past I have tried a balance transfer from another card to pay off my debt that I owe to vanquis and it was rejected as vanquis do not accept balance transfers. Yesterday I made a payment with my partner's card to basically pay off majority of the debt, as the interest rate as we all know is incredibly high. After a few days the payment was authorised from my partners bank and is now showing on the statement, however Vanquis has blocked my card and the account online. I rang vanquis and they said I need to send a photo
  3. Hello All, I need some help please. HMRC have wrote to me advising that I owe student loan from a few years ago as I had 2 employments. I was completing a tax return but for my business only and did not include my PAYE income. Student Loan payments have been deducted from both of my PAYE income over the years. I have also underpaid tax on PAYE by about 1k from a few years ago, despite them knowing that I had 2 jobs and issuing me an adjusted tax code every year. I am really stressed regarding this matter as they are demanding 5k, plus penalties. I dont have the money.
  4. Right I would just like to update everyone regarding the above case...please read on if you have been a customer with mini credit.... After a lot of arguing back and forwards with mini credit, they finally agreed to refund the early repayment fee of £5.50 for every loan that I had. After remaining dissatisfied with their response, I had to persistently beg for mini credits to give me their final response - and they confirmed that this was their final response. I then took the complaint to FOS who have wrote to me today advising that mini credit don't agree with their decision and it has
  5. I agree with you. But I always make a note in my calender when the 8 weeks end, and have the complaint form ready to post the day before the 8 weeks end. I know what you mean though, but I actually love sending in complaints, arguing back and forwards, and then sending it on to Ombudsman, trade associations, OFT etc etc lol......and it is worth it, I have so far had a total of £195 from Goodwill gesture for distress caused in 4 of my complaints. So when a company does do wrong it is worth to follow their complaints procedure, and be persistent in following it up all the way (and asking fo
  6. Thank you both for the above replies, I will ask OFT its in breach of any of their guidance before submitting a complaint. Even then, whether I win or loose, Mini Credit will still have a £500 bill to pay if sent to the FOS! If I get any further info or I submit the complaint, I will keep it posted here
  7. Hi All, As most are aware, Mini Credit charge £19.50 faster payment fee every time they issue the loan - 1) there is no option when you apply for the loan for this not to be added 2) Faster payment is free 3) the faster payment charge of £19.50 is excessive and misleading as it is being advertised as a "faster payment charge", rather than actually being profit for Mini Credit. Additionally, Mini Credit also charge £5.50 for using debit card for repaying the loan early - I believe this is excessive and misleading, and charged as a profit. I am not 100% sure but I thought debit card t
  8. i have taken a default issue to the FOS before and I think they do have the power to remove it? Although the outcome did not rule in my favour (probably correctly), atleast it was looked into and the company I was complaining about got slapped with, I believe, a £500 bill for me taking the complaint to the FOS!
  9. Hi, I had the same from Payday Express when I defaulted. Some advice.... 1) keep a log of calls including time and date 2) I would advise not to avoid the debt - if you can, email them with an affordable repayment plan proposal and also let them know not to contact you at work due to disciplinary actions that may be taken, and prefer communication via email or writing. 3) Most likely, they will refuse your repayment plan proposal or you will not hear back from them. 4) if you do not hear back from them within 48 hours ( and put that you would like a response within 48 hours in
  10. I want to sign up, let me know when it's ready I can get some signatures on there! I have had mixed experiences with FOS, 1 or 2 good but the majority been handled bad. FOS do tend to favour the banks, payday loan companies etc, even though you highlight relevant legislation or OFT guidelines to them. I do think that employees at FOS do need training up (I dont want to use the word incompetent), in my experience, including the people that allocate the complaints, I have only come across a couple of people from the FOS who seem to know what they are doing. In one of my complaints rega
  11. Put in a complaint, following their complaints procedure either by email or recorded delivery. I have always found complaint route's the best way to progress. Also, am I right in thinking if you cancel your card or reporting your card as lost/stolen provides 2 different outcomes? The reason being is when I wanted to stop my CPA with payday loans (i think 11 in total), I always reported my card as "lost" and have never had any money taken out from them despite being on repayment plans with all of them.
  12. Hi David, I have sent my complaint to the above email address that you have given, many thanks
  13. Forgot to mention, The Active Group / Active Agent have only 1 engineer per area / region! So was surprised when he went to the wrong address for the 2nd visit!
  14. Hi David, I have already received an email from Scottish Power that its been escalated to the Home Comfort Team and I am still waiting for a response. Also, what I forgot to mention in the above thread was that the engineer advised and also put on his work sheet that the boiler needed a new pump and was in the section of "parts required". However, when the engineer came to replace the Gas Valve, he now said that the pump was not covered!
  15. Hello All, I need some advice and I thought I would share my experience so others do no have to go through what I have had to deal with. My current Gas/Electric is with Scottish Power and I am on the Platinum package which gives boiler care / cover with Scottish Power for "free". I had always been with British Gas boiler care, so I decided to cancel as I was getting a service with Scottish Power - big mistake! I had a boiler breakdown so I telephoned Scottish Power. Scottish Power advised they would call me back for an appointment on the same day - no phone call. I teleph
  16. Hi, thanks for the advice. I have now sent a recorded delivery letter to Debit Finance Collections giving my notice to cancel - so they can not say they have not received it! I have complied by the terns and conditions and sent my cancellation before my last is due. I will keep you guys posted if I hear anything or if i end up getting a silly letter from DFC cheers
  17. Hi All I need some advice please. My son is currently a member of a martial arts class. The direct debit and contract was created by Debit Finance Collections (DFC). The contract has a minimum period that I am tied in for, which is 3 months. We are currently in our 2nd month, with the 3rd payment due to come out soon. The contract states to cancel I have to give notice to DFC or the martial arts club via email or writing. I have given my notice to the martial arts club by email (like many others I have not received a reply). I have also given notice to DFC via email
  18. My experience with these types of companies, is I continue to pay the lender direct (via standing order) - you do not need to pay eqiedebt directly. As you say, they will probably add fees. In terms of the debt, I would pay the £130 and dispute the rest of it. Let DCA know that you believe you do not owe anything to PDUK once the £130 has been paid.
  19. No. In all of my repayment plans, no extra months interest is to be paid them. The agreed amount (in writing) is what the amount is in the contract. Some lenders will insist on 1 month extra interest, but you will have to continue to be persistent and say you will only pay the contractual amount. If they do not agree, advise that you will submit a complaint. I had a few PDL who at this point agreed to my request. For the other's who did not, I submitted a complaint, which ended up with the FOS / trade associations.
  20. i think legally, they have to comply with your statement request within a certain period (i think it may be 12 days or something)
  21. CFO will be awkward. Email you complaint to them - but be warned they will fob you off. After 8 weeks, submit the complaint to the FOS if they do not respond / or you remain unhappy with their final response.
  22. good stuff...make sure you got something in writing in regards to the agreement
  23. I agree, is there anything in writing? have you kept up to your side of the arrangement?If so, I would submit a complaint.....
  24. are they charging you your contractual amount (principal loan + 1 months interest) and another month's interest?Also, get it in writing or you confirm to them in writing how long it is for and when it will end (ie month/year) - so absolutely clear
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