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  1. He already gets £78 per month DLA. Sadly it doesn't go very far. We're just existing on my wage and I'm sure he's feeling very much emasculated at being unable to provide any income.I guess we'll have a look at how they came to their decission and take it from there. I just can't imagine for the life of me how they came to this conclusion ????
  2. My partner has just called the benefits peeps to chase up his ESA claim only to be told that there is a letter in the post with an appeal form on it's way to him as he has been turned down for ESA.I can't believe that they have come to this conclusion and fully intend to appeal and take it as high up as possible.My partner was born with no fingers on his left hand as a result of thalidomide. Being born with this he knew no different and lived a totally normal life, running his own businesses and never claiming a penny from the social.Sadly, due to him compensating by using his right hand more, he is now riddled with arthritis in his left hand side and is losing sensation in his right hand. This results in him dropping things and being unable to form a secure grip on anything.How the hell do they expect him to work like this !!!!!! Even our doctor told him that he should have stopped working years ago to prolong the use of his right hand.The benefit system in this country is so wrong and corrupt. I am totally disgusted and it's all I can do to stop myself calling the offices and tearing them a new a***hole !!!!!!!!Sorry for the rant but as his carer (without benefit) seeing him struggle every day is breaking my heart
  3. He was told to re claim in Feb 2012 as his NI contributions would then be up to date for the qualifying period. Is it possible that he may get ESA based on his NI contributions despite my earning ??
  4. Hi everyone,I'm new to this site so please forgive any unintentional faux pas.My Partner is currently awaiting the result of an ESA claim.He claimed last year but was told that he did not have enough NI contributions to qualify and had to wait until Feb 2012.On his last phone call to chase them up he was advised that it was with an adjudicator awaiting a decisioon, but judging by his case notes it didn't look like he was entitked to anything.I earn £19200 groos and we get £100.05 housing benefit and £78 DLA each month.Does this mean that my partner will not be able to get ESA ??I've looked on so many websites and I'm still just as confused.Any info would be much appreciated.
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