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  1. Hi yes I have all the account numbers and I could make payments now. Should I do that even though no arrangement in place. I guess it would show my willingness to pay.
  2. Dear All, Im hoping that someone out there can take a look at my post and just offer some advice. Sometimes a fresh oair of eyes makes all the difference. I have 3 houses that are all mortgaged and let out. I'm currently living with my parents in their home as they need my support in the house. Since 2009 the council taxs have not really been paid on a regular basis, initially this was because the mortgages were really high owing to high interest rate and we were just about paying the mortgage let alone any bills. The houses were let out on an all inclusive basis. Sine the credit cru
  3. Hi Something just doesn't add up here. You need to get all your paperwork together and see a solicitor ASAP. X
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