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  1. Thanks oddjobbob. Yep, it is a pretty good car, and I don't really want to start threatening to take the car back. I'll look into that ESP thing. It's a citroen, and funnily enough somebody at work mentioned that. I think some of the models have an ESP button - mine doesn't but I'll explore! I'll report back with what happens! Cheers!
  2. Really appreciate some advise with this. Bought an 8 year old car 3 days ago from a dealer 50 miles away. Driving home, I realised the cruise control did not function. Although I had taken it for a test drive, it was not really possible to test the cruise. I contacted the dealer who suggested disconnecting the battery (I have yet to try this, as I know this can cause other problems if not done with care.) & one or two other suggestions which were too involved for me to attempt. The day after, I discovered an intermittent problem with the central locking - one door would sometimes
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