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  1. I went out this morning, and when I came back, there was a card from Royal Mail to inform me that a recorded delivery letter has been left for me at my post office. Now I am not expecting anything, and wondering if this could be a trick to establish that I do indeed live at this address. Maybe I should go and ask the post office if they could tell me who it is from, and maybe I could Google it?
  2. I have no problem in leaving it, just don't want a knock on the door LOL. As for the telephone, I have caller display. If I don't recognize the number, I generally don't answer. Even when I do answer, I refuse to give any answers until they tell me who is calling and what it is regarding.
  3. Equifax doesn't show any CCJs either, not for the last 8 years anyway. Before that, I can't even remember where I lived. If I do send them that letter, then I'm effectively acknowledging receipt of their letter, and that I live here. Yes/no? Besides, I don't even know what they are chading.
  4. Experian wants £14.95 from me to reactivate my expired membership, and Equifax doesn't agree with my surname: The Following Fields are Improperly Formatted: Please enter valid Surname My surname is made up of two parts, with a space inbetween.
  5. I received a letter from this honourable company some time ago, which went straight to the shredder after having read about them online. Today I received letter number two, addressed to me: ------------------------------------ We note that you have failed to respond to mail directed to you. YOU HAVE BEEN TRACED AS LIVING AT THE ADDRESS STATED ABOVE. PLEASE CONTACT OUR RECOVERY DIVISION IMMEDIATELY ON 020 8734 3599. If you have not established contact with this department within the next five days, an agent may telephone between the hours of ..... Yours sincerely --------------------------------- Nothing to indicate what it is about, only their reference number. I registered and checked on Noddle, there are no CCJs against me. I have 3 credit cards: one is up to date, and I have a repayment plan with the other two. So all I can think of, is that this has to do with a debt before 2003. I can't even think that far back So, do I ignore them?
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