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  1. Actually it was Northampton court who advised the county court. The county court I tried said it was by appointment only so I ended up going to a solicitor.
  2. I don't need to see a picture that has nothing to do with me. You may scoff if that makes you feel good but no one in their right mind would knowingly "contravene". I most certainly am in my right mind. The fact is I obviously needed to turn right but definitely would not have risked a fine if I had seen the sign. I'm not into donating my hard earned money to greedy councils.
  3. Let it be known I would not risk throwing away my money to the council. I didn't see the sign whether that's believed or not.
  4. None near to me but oh well. Jumping ahead, do you think I have a chance of winning an appeal against the original fine?
  5. The bailiffs will be let off the leash on 10 December unless I put in an appeal. The email from Nottingham court says I need to have the forms witnessed at a county court. A solicitor would be more convenient.
  6. Hmmm, just googled and see that this is a popular cash cow for the council. Unless you happen to see the obscure sign in the car park there is no reason to believe that turning right on the road is an issue. I'll be looking into this. Meanwhile I have to appeal to fend off the bailiffs first. Very inconvenient as I have to get the forms witnessed at a county court, week days only. Such an unjust system.
  7. Well I still need to appeal and take it from there. Determined not to let it spoil my life!
  8. No, I'm not in the habit of collecting pcns! I called the council and apparently I made a right turn out of McDonald's car park. I don't recall seeing any signs otherwise for sure I wouldn't have. First time in the car park and not relevant but I don't eat McDonald's and was just passing through to get back on the road. I now need to appeal.
  9. Actually yes, looking more closely at the bottom it says compliance stage fee £75. Total £278. Such a pain at any time but especially as I knew nothing about it. I still have no idea which road they're talking about so that would be useful to know. Anyway I will contact the council today. I'm guessing the original fine would have been relatively smaller. Thanks for your help.
  10. Ah ok, that's probably why. Just recently updated the V5. No, this letter is for £203 from the bailiffs. I'm guessing the council letters would have gone to the old address. Sp this is the 1st I've heard. Not sure what to do.
  11. Today I was shocked to receive a letter from a company called Newlyn, out of the blue, saying I owed L B Waltham Forest £203. Apparently this is for making a "prohibited turn" on 4/5/2019. First of all, this is the very first notification I've had. I have received zero communication from Waltham Forest. I had to do some digging and found that I was indeed in the area way back in May.However I know the particular area well and truly have no idea what this letter is talking about. If I had received a letter from the council at the time with some evidence of supposed contravention I most likely would have just paid. I don't want to speak to the bailiffs as I know they are nasty people but I really want to get to the bottom of this. I find it strange that no council letters whatsoever have come through and it's jumped straight to the bailiffs 6 months later. Any advice please.
  12. Ok that sounds like a plan. The whole thing is so irritating to say the least but I can see a way forward and hope on the horizon now. Thank you.
  13. Ericsbrother, thank you for this. Are you saying I can apply to both the local government ombudsman and the adjudicator? I didn't know about the ombudsman. I will shout it from the rooftops wherever I can!
  14. I have received 3 PCNs for parking in the council car park next to my work place. I work for the NHS. Long story short, I accidentally applied for a Council staff permit instead of non-Council staff. I had no idea until I started getting tickets. I thought it was a mistake that would be rectified which is why I parked there 2 more times after the first ticket. I "challenged" the tickets but they were all rejected. My main argument was that I had received an email from the Council the same day I had applied for the virtual permit stating that my application was successful. Therefore I fully believed I had the permit. My understanding was that payment would be taken from my bank account details supplied according to CCTV footage. I was told by the agency managing the permits for the Council that my account was cancelled a few weeks after being set up obviously upon realising the mistake. However, the Council insist I never had an account in the first place in spite of their own confirmation email. I plan to appeal further but any ideas on whether common sense might prevail in my case? Thank you.
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