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  1. If i go into the letting agents and ask if something can be arranged is it likely i'll get a good result? Thank you for replying and your help!
  2. Hi! I recently bought a car I saw advertised on Gumtree by a 'private seller'. After test driving the car, and asking about its previous history, I noticed a section of poor paintwork on the front passenger side of the car. However was reassured the car had not had a serious accident and that it was in very good condition. Less than two months after purchasing the car it fell to pieces, with over ten faults. After having it valued it appeared to be over worth £1000 less than I paid for it, and I discovered it was a category C car. The log book I was shown when I purchased the car had
  3. Hi! I am a student living with three other students in a house. Our contract started on the 16th September 2011 as a 12 month contract, however we all finish our studies by the beginning of June. After speaking to a few people I was informed that after staying in the property for 6months or more, by law, you can not be stopped from terminating your contract as long as 60days notice is given? I was wondering if this was in fact true, and if so, how I go about terminating the agreement? Thank you!
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