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  1. Is that website down? I'm not sure what info I am supposed to take from there. No, I never went to court but I do think people came to the house (I don't believe I ever spoke to anyone -- and eventually called to make an agreement). I guess I want to know: Does the settlement amount they offered sound reasonable? Is it better for my credit to pay the total amount and not the settlement amount? Should I be questioning those fees? Maybe ask for a copy of the agreement and all related documentation/communication? The one problem I have, is that this company would never cha
  2. I am just going on the statement of account here (sorry, it won't let me post a link/pic): 27 Jul 2006 Original Debt £5,359.29 19 Apr 2007 Claim Fee £20.00 19 Apr 2007 Claim Cost £50.00 15 May 2007 Judgment Cost £22.00 03 Jul 2007 Warrant Fee £25.00 03 Jul 2007 Warrant Cost £2.25 03 Aug 2007 Paid Court £77.25 20 Sep 2007 Warrant Fee £25.00 20 Sep 2007 Warrant Cost £2.25 12 Nov 2007 Paid Court £77.25 03 Jan 2008 Warrant Fee £25.00 03 Jan 2008 Warrant Cost £2.25 17 Mar 2008 Paid Court £77.25 16 May 2008 Warrant Fee £25.00 16 May 2008 Warrant Cost £2.25 14 Jul 2
  3. I worked in recruitment for one of the big banks and of course we did credit checks. We did decline people who had bad credit, but it was mainly because they didn't tell us about it before hand or acted as if they didn't know it was there. We offered a role to people who had bad credit if they were up front with us, explained the situation and what the candidate was doing to address the problem. They will likely interview you before doing the check. I would talk to them at interview about the credit check -- ask what their policy is and explain that you have had some issues in the recent
  4. Sorry, this sentence should read: "I've been steadily paying it off as much as I can for three years and it's NOW at just over £2,300."
  5. yes. and the account includes warrant and court fees (a lot of them -- I didn't face up to this debt for a while).
  6. Hi guys, My other thread got me thinking about my outstanding debt. It was an egg loan that I defaulted on and received a CCJ for. The debt is now with B CARTER FIL CLNT and when they took it over it was for just over £5k. I've been steadily paying it off as much as I can for three years and it's now at just over £2,300. I called them today to talk about a settlement figure. My situation has completely changed in three years and I thought I'd be able to scrape together the money to pay it off completely. The settlement figure they offered me was £2k, B
  7. Hello, Firstly, I had two loans that I defaulted on five years ago. I made a repayment agreement three years ago and have since paid one off and maintain regular payments on the other which will be repaid later this year. This is all the debt I thought I had and haven't received any communication from anyone since 2008. I have since moved from the UK to the States. Yesterday my mum received a fishing letter from Buchanan, Wells and Clark asking for my whereabouts. She's elderly, and we just lost my dad two weeks ago, so I don't want these letters going to her. I tried
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