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  1. Apologies for the delay in my response! Yes the garage itself is leasehold, so it is leased to the owner of next door for their use. I have now written to the owner of the property next door three times this year (including copies to their solicitor) and as yet have had no response. From her making her first payment years ago, that was confirmation as to agreeing to my request for yearly ground rent and that she fully understood the terms as laid out in the property deeds. There was never any contact to contest this arrangement after she paid for the first two years of leasing the garage.
  2. Thanks Up2. Will see what they do this week and will speak to my manager about it. WW
  3. Thanks Guys - Bankfodder - the mechanism is this: I am doing my contract for an IT company - lets call them A. A source out their staff through a company - lets call them B. B got me through an agency - lets call them C. C uses a company to manage all their contractors via an online tool where you do your timesheets etc lets call them D. I use the umbrella company to sort out my tax etc - lets call them E. I do my paper timesheet at A - which then gets given to the manager at B - (C not really involved so much at this point - it goes straight to D). I do an online timesheet t
  4. I own a coach house style property which has two garages underneath - one is mine and the other is used by the house next door. As it is part of my property it is leased out to next door and they have to pay me ground rent of £25 a year and a portion of my buildings insurance - in case they set the garage on fire or anything that could damage my house. It is all laid out in the deeds of my house and next door. I bought the house when it was built in 2001 and the neighbours who initially lived there paid me their ground rent etc when they moved out in 2003 and said the new owners would be
  5. I recently started a new 6 month contract where I am employed by an agency who then send my pay to the umbrella company I use as a contractor. I've been there for a month now and initially I realised they had set me up as paying me monthly rather than weekly - which I am used to - so I requested it be weekly which they duly changed. So I have been waiting to get my pay through and last week I was still waiting - checking my umbrella company's pay tracker online to see when I was going to be paid. I contacted the umbrella company to ask what was going on - they said they hadn't been paid by the
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