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  1. Thank you very much King, they've tried there best to make out they haven't screwed up by saying 'we will honour the special offer head office have given you verbally' Until I pointed out how generous it was for them to do so considering its not an offer but the actual price that they have got wrong! I've also questioned how many other people they've over charged by £200. And maybe if the member of staff that deals with functions hadn't of gone home early even though head office told me they were going to inform them I was going to come down then all these conflicting stories wouldn't of hap
  2. Hi havinastella,you pay £100 deposit then if you make the minimum bar spend you get your deposit back. My mum couldn't make it down as she has arthritis and that evening it was particularly bad. After I returned and told her the conflicting prices and the conflicting capacity, and the fact the person who deals with the functions had 'gone home early' she really didn't have any faith they would be able to supply an enjoyable evening etc
  3. Thank you king, failing that I'm going to look into whether the contract is void if they've over charged me on the contract but quoted me a different price via email.
  4. Thank you king, I've repeatedly told them the guy said not to worry and reassured me I could get it back. Also called head office and said they are refusing to give me back my deposit and he's said its been taken out of his hands, by the branch??!!!
  5. Have I got no hope in hell? Need to respond to them by tomorrow really and not sure what exactly I should say?
  6. I have emails stating they will honour 'special offer' from head office but was never a special offer!
  7. Thank you for replying, I paid by cash. Feel they know they've messed me about and trying to cover their mistakes x
  8. Hi, I'm hoping this is in the right place, please delete or move if its not. I'm trying to sort a function on behalf of my mum, for a surprise party for someones 40th. I called a place and the call went through to head office, they said capacity was 130, and hire is free as its on a Friday as long as they take £500 at bar. Anyway, go down to view etc. Made to wait forever as there was only 1 member of staff there. The staff member who deals with functions had gone home early apparently. Any way staff asked how many people for and stated I had no idea (was trying to get venue sor
  9. Yeh I know theres nothing I can do, but it just would of been nice to be kept informed, or at least warned a little earlier so that we could of had different options and choices available. Just feel very let down by the whole thing. One of the worst bits is that my parents knew how much this meant to myself and my partner and seeing my mum and dad upset that makes my disappointment worse than it already was, if that makes sense?
  10. Oh yes, I know otherwise I think we would of just picked a spot on a beach if that was allowed hehe. But the gazebo was meant to be built as a permanent structure for our wedding and it now its not. Grrrr
  11. Oh we had a meeting, with the events manager, who said she had put 2 nights at the hotel for free and the food manager had taken them off??!! We also met with one of the directors and an interior designer all of which said we could have a blessing type thing but our discount would then have to be re viewed if they were sourcing etc. When we questioned the director about the 'apparent planning' she looked flustered and claimed she knew nothing. But they wont tell me who the chairman is and as for the discounts we are being made to wait another week for the 'food' manager to return from holida
  12. hi stu, Yes we do, various emails i have printed off, 1 stating that 'they are aware we are relying on the gazebo for our wedding' another stating 'the chairman has confirmed the gazebo will be built in time for our wedding' Also we have been passed around the staff and beginning to feel like guinea pigs, we were 1st assigned 'the events manager' now for some reason the 'food manager' has become our wedding planner??!! They wont give us the information regarding the person in charge of things like planning! Any help would be great as my partner, myself and my family have been
  13. :help:ok bit of a long one but this is as brief as i can get it! The hotel we booked to get married at has [edit] form day one, we so badly wanted to get married outside and the hotels we viewed all had beautiful gardens etc, but we needed to be happy with the room if it happened to be bad weather! Ok so we finally found one that we fell in love with, it had been taken over by a company after the previous owners went into liquidation etc, we viewed it at the final stages of re decoration, literally the decorators were packing things up as we were shown around, we asked to see the place we co
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