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  1. Wow they replied today and agreed to freeze the interest and not to charge the crazy standard interest!!! Success!! Thank you for your advice
  2. Thank you for your advise, I have sent through the details to the OFT and I have contact 1month informing them I have done this and will not be paying their standard interest and will only be paying off the original loan+interest at £585. Thanks for your advice
  3. Hiya, Did 1month loan charge you £270x2 on top of what you Owed them when you set up the plan? As they keep on Saying that to me. That's more than what my original loan was for!?! x2
  4. Thanks I have sent them an email to that effect and said the other payday loan companies freeze their interest and did not charge an amount let alone and amount that's more than the original loan amount. Wait to see what they say
  5. Hi, has anyone been able to set up a payment plan with 1month. Original Loan Amount: £450.00 Initial Interest: £135.00 Further interest added (as a result of default or entering onto a repayment plan): 2 X standard interest: £270.00 TOTAL BALANCE REPAYABLE: £855.00 How can they justify this added interest after I have mention I have hit serious financial hardship as they are not the only one I have a loan with? No-one else has done this? Help please how do I counter this?
  6. well they have agreed to freeze the interest and set up a payment plan to pay off the amount due over the next 12 months
  7. Hiya, I am trying to arrange a payment plan with 1month but they are wanting to add 2x£270 ontop of the loan and previous interest amounts they are calling this standard interest rates? Please help what did you say in response to this? Many Thanks
  8. Please help me, I am trying to agree a payment plan with wonga but they are not agreeing. What can I do?
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