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  1. I really need some help with this one if possible. On 27th December 2012 I applied for a contract ipad whereby I had to pay a deposit of £99 once the contract had gone through after a initial credit check, I put my debit details in assuming they would only use this for the credit check nothing more I waited and the next morning my credit was declined and I was informed via a generic email that no money would be removed from my account. Looking at my statements £99 was removed so that weekend I emailed Vodafone CS asking when this would be returned I have no less than 20 emails from
  2. Hey there He thought back over it (cos this is from 4 years ago) and remembered paying installments for something to do with him being caught with no insurance or MOT but then suddenly he heard nothing and stupidly assumed everything was okay, and now well here we are. *shrugs.
  3. Hello Again! Just an update me & my Boyfriend went to the Magistrates Court yesterday to see if we could get some sort of payment plan enforced, they said they would be more than happy to do except they no longer have the warrant and because of a change of law sometime ago they have no powers to get the warrant back from Marstons either and advised us to call them directly. I personally did this and MY GOD I have never had such hassle!!! I explained the situation to the first advisor who offered me a opportunity to pay £800 that day and then have 12 weeks to pay the rest of
  4. Hello There, I am writing this on behalf of my Boyfriend to gain some quick advice with his predicament, recently he has been in court to resolve a outstanding traffic offence that he never knew existed because the service notice was delivered to one of his old addresses, while he was in court he gave them his new up to date address and thought all was fine. That was until today he has received a letter from Marston Group demanding a unpaid court fine of £2,500 in the next 7 days, again this is a court cost from at least 3 years ago that he never knew he owed because he moved house
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