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  1. I have done whats called a reconsideration letter and a letter with title appeal, also one with with title F.A.O Fraud officer - problem is they verbally tell me they have them but do not reply to letters just send out repeated breakdown letters I have had before!
  2. How to fight / complain about a council Norwich city council / Norfolk county council (both names on letters) that you believe are idiots and or committing fraud Actually in credit (£35) with rent account and council tax as we pay shortfall ourselves... but I'm a carer for 1 of 2 of my autistic daughters and my missus works for fixed salary with no chance of overtime ever.. so you'd think h/b and c/t benefit would be fixed. Not a chance when missus worked 5 days a week we got around £10 per week h/b, now same job but 3 days only, as original job holder has come back from maternity. we got just £1.10 a week ... no sense or reason. Asked for written explanation from council, both verbal over counter and via telephone, 6-8 weeks later no response. we have done and have receipt for change of circumstances from November ( 5 to 3 days work ) from council. now April time and suddenly we got a letter from housing officer with projected housing benefit from council (not the council ) saying they would be paying £55 1 month, £97 the next month and then £45 the month after that.... problem is we have a paper debt of £538 rent arrears. This I sorted myself and it's purely a computer error from projected h/b to actual h/b received (i.e council say gonna pay £100 but only pay £40 so a -£60 debt occurs on paper but not in account as we pay short fall) I've done the letter requesting a detailed written breakdown of all housing benefit since claim beginning - ignored ( 6- 8 weeks now) asked for a review of it - nothing but recalculates showing different amounts every week! ( just the standard letter -no explanation ) I've phoned and read from council letter saying please ask for a detailed breakdown made very clear this was what I was asking for - the response was I can only print off letters you have already received !! how do I fight someone who basically knows its wrong but wont admit it? who is the person to complain to in charge of h/b or higher? would SAR's and / or L.B.A ? be next step?
  3. I thought Argo card / finance was outsourced to vanquis bank?
  4. Yes its Fast track , via Argos own vans from HUB / Larger stores, the drivers are Argos employees not couriers.
  5. I'd much rather pay £25 for peace of mind for a inspection but suffered a similar thing with Kwik fit saying my 6 week old new discs and pads fitted by myself ( city & guilds qualified mechanic ) were corroded and pitted , sometimes you really can't see till you take wheel off
  6. Highway insurance underwritten by Liverpool Victoria used them had no problem
  7. Ok on 20/1/15 i was stationary at zebra with people crossing, got rear ended by builders van cause he's looking at building work other side of road. he's a self employed builder carpenter. He offered to pay for repairs but seeing damage I knew car was a write off - so I insisted through insurance, so we exchanged details, he apologised admitted liability, I did a quick DVLA / MID check, there and then and van insured , mot and taxed. I even took license number from him, you'd think I done it by book.... Now it turns out license , van registered and insurance at his mums address, he lives elsewhere with girlfriend, which you could put down to just forgetting to update.... but here's kicker- I report to my insurance company that day and they contact his insurance company (same as details he's given me) told by my insurance company they have until 30th to fast track payment as car will be a write off. (as I have already got independant estimate) My car is collected and written off by 27/1/15 given a value of £690 which I accept as told if I dont hire car will be revoked or deemed chargable. but he has either not contacted his insurance company and or just not admitted liability, so no payment and all seems in limbo as my insurance company have contacted his and at stalemate. so I now had a hire car for 3 weeks so guessing about £750 of hire - just worried if he's Missing in Action so to speak I will be stuck with a bill for a hire car and no payout.
  8. On CWP and 2 weeks ago, we were all taken into a room and asked our details and what jobs we would like, next day the advisor contacted me and said please forward c.v via email as I have a driving job for you. Great I thought as I forwarded my c.v , I added a cheeky p.s of please would you fund my 35 hrs CPC periodic traning then ? So I may legally drive as this is now required since 10th September 2014 for over 3.5t drivers. I again repeated the request to career advisor 1 week later 'in centre' and got your WP advisor will contact you shortly - that was 5 days ago.... Seems they only like to collect in the bonuses and not pay out for training!! As I'm a recovery driver and even the small recovery trucks are around 4.2 tonnes unladen, I thought I had a valid and reasonable request... and she never did give me any details of this supposed job!
  9. I took ALL 14 days.......... think that annoyed them
  10. I do as in job logs and printouts of jobs applied for which are date and time stamped
  11. well in my 2 weeks sickness i got 5 phone calls asking why I was not in.... and now 2 days after I returned to cwp i got a phone call asking again why not in?!!! err..... I am!, have been for 2 days now... total idiots
  12. oh well after 2 lovely weeks off on sick, i'm back at seetec CWP, I was sitting doing my daily job search, when i heard my name being slated, that i've been in contact with seetec head office, which is incorrect they phoned me 5 times when I was off sick and I admit after a the 3rd time, I got annoyed and told them to go away, read notes and stop harassing me! Anyway said centre manager was running her mouth off about me, so I fired off an email of complaint to seetec head office there and then, so I guess when I go in today I will be public enemy no.1 .
  13. The problem being a 1st time sanction lasts 4 weeks, so by the time JCP inform me, i ask for MR (which I hopefully would win) we are going to be near to or past the 4 week sanction... i will have to request help from local food banks, declare nill income to HB and CT and generally sort out, someones else mistake
  14. cheers for that, Today Seetecs head office attendance tracking team phoned me, i ignored lol till i was able to gather my notes and phoned back, got the usual you didn't attend question fired at me.... So i was like ' hold it, this it what happened' and explained about phone calls, jsa28 etc , to which i'm told 'sorry but we have nothing on system' so with a very smiley voice i replied ' don't worry about that, i have a recording of the receptionist telling me she was adding my statement to system' so i suggested some possible urgent retraining may be required. with this i got a complete change of attitude to nice and 'it seems you've done everything correctly and not to worry'..... knowing im going to be public enemy no.1 when I return, I thought i'd get my partner to drop a nice letter into norwich seetec with a copy of jsa28 (with copy written all over in red pen AND through signature!!!) stating what days I would be off, when i expected to return and if they alter my appointments again can I please have this in writing. The receptionist was quite rude and dismissive to my partner when she asked for the cwp managers business card, and would only hand over a seetec appointment card with the center normal phone hand written on it. As I have a day all on own tomorrow, and will be virtually house bound I feel Letters and emails aplenty in pipe line.
  15. tbh early next week once im able to drive again, i will be hitting all local employment agencies to take any job going just to be able to rid myself of these idiots
  16. cheers filled in and on way to norwich jcp, seetec usual happy selves, telling me i would be notified as absent and sanctioned, so i told them no i wont as i've already phoned job center and filled in a jsa 28 and i was just being courteous by giving them a call as a heads up before JCP contacts them.!!
  17. take a Dictaphone and place on table and ask if they mind you recording the interview , if they refuse (LIKELY) use a already activated 2nd covert recording app for your mobile, i use an android app called corgi its free, which i activate before i go in, as my phone is in a case they cant see phone screen, it works well, im sure there are many similar apps for other phones, i usually take wallet, keys and mobile out of pockets and place neatly in line on table, just claim it's OCD, or my brilliant excuse my trousers are tight and i dont want to split seems ... works like a charm.
  18. hi im currently on jsa and the cwp (as some may know from my cwp post) anyway today i went in smartly dressed as requested by seetec staff (instead of jeans t-shirt , trainers) after leaving seetec tonight I was walking home, it had started raining and I slipped (on metal drain cover) crossing road due to my smart shoes, now i'm not blaming seetec (for once) but the outcome after visiting the the 'walk in' medical center is severe bruising and possible aggravation of an old knee injury. Advised to rest , put up, cold pack in tea towel, should be ok in a few weeks and any further problems over next few days see my own doctor. So just checking the correct order of things to do... 1) tomorrow morning phone job center about being sick and ask for jsa28 - start from 2/9/14 2) phone seetec and inform about sickness, tell them i have requested jsa28 and informed job center already 3) I will get missus to collect a jsa28 on 2/9/14 as on 3/9/14 (i know i should be excused ) its my sign on day, should i just attend and hand in? ( i have crutches) 4)As 14 full days is 15th sept, this means i will either have to attend from (inc) 16th sept any cwp appointments or get a sick note from doctor and go onto ESA? 5)i'm presuming a injury is classed as sick / illness for sake of jsa28 claim. hope this makes sense..
  19. on 19th telephone call i got receptionist who only confirmed i was in on 20th (with a promise look into and phone back), I attended on 20th but due to half of lights /pc's tripping electric, they couldn't check my next time and said come in as normal (i.e 1 weeks time on 27th) So on 26th i phoned again as no one had phone and was told i missed 25th appointment, any way im confident that i can win this 99% i'm just in limbo as i haven't received any written confirmation i'm sanctioned. As for my daughters i have 4 (only one at home the 2yr old with new partner) 18 yr old in Wales at Uni (normal) 7 yr old Autistic , i have friday night till sunday night, my ex receives DLA for her 6 yr old (normal) i have fri - sun, full sister to above 2 1/2 yr old has hypermobility , IS on the Autistic spectrum condition (they dropped calling it disorder to be politically correct..!!) and has part of chromosome 13 missing specifically q12.12 which is only now being linked to autism / deafness . we are in process of claiming DLA.
  20. yes sanction doubt my main priority and always will be, I actually demanded a reprint of my 16th august MAN and this had 5 pages this time where as my originally received one had 3 pages... even though pages not numbered, page 2 and 4 missing and these contain dates and warning about sanction.... oh how i smiled! and yes i queried the original 3 page MAN via telephone on 19th August and can prove with my itemized telephone bill, they failed to get back to me as promised and there for i missed an appointment on 26/8/14. Im reading the the MAN received today and its clear no one proof reads these things as it clearly had me booked all day on bank holiday monday. Also as this MAN (just a reprint) still has me booked in all day even though they have cancelled all my morning sessions from now on (by answer phone message - i have recording saved automatically to my goggle drive) so again they should have issued a further MAN but haven't. on a plus side it looks like they have paid up rent arrears and regained entry to the 'locked out -lost' office. i will probably start another thread once i have got sanction doubt sorted
  21. not had any letters yet but been verbally told i'm been reported to the attendance tracking team, i explained its their fault, and i have submitted a grievance letter via recorded delivery. (if i hand it in they can lose it). i agree the local 'she' mp to busy with her rise in government cabinet dream to cause any waves in a government run scheme. I have to do a lot of my stuff at night between 10pm till 1am via letters, as i'm either at cwp or helping my partner with our autistic child, who generally sleeps between 10pm and 6am, I normally survive on 6hrs a night sleep.. anyway time to catch bus to my cwp appointment.
  22. I really need some advice on correct way to complain about the Service provided by Seetec (Norwich) they have raised a sanction doubt on me, when it's their mistake ( missing page in mandate) I have this in hand with a grievance letter to center manager, with copies waiting to go to dwp and local mp. but its the continued substandard services they are providing, the willful disregard for data protection and general 'you couldn't make it up' daily chaos - newest examples below last week thursday people in my cwp told come in a hour later , but go to employment agencies before you come in, this would seem sensible but they expected people to visit 3 and giving that seetec to city center is 15 mins walk that leaves 45 mins divided by 3 leaves 15 mins per employment agency, but with 10+ people that less than 1.5 mins each, so 1st come get to give details back of queue have to leave before even being seen... friday people arrive 9am to sign in, told to claim expense and go home as too many people booked in, one bloke left at 6.30am to arrive for 9am and faced a similar journey back... he was not happy. and guessing this is why, that same friday Seetec 'Lost' one of its training centers due to non payment of rent, so all clients from that center came to 'our' center... this tuesday 26th i was due in but did not receive the correct M.A.N so did'nt attend and get sanction doubt raised, i attended yesterday 27th told why wasn't i in suit as requested??!! (never been told) and did i have my passport for i.d ?? (err again not told) as 3 employers on site offering jobs. these turned out to be 1 week training course in basic maths , english etc and odd apprenticeship staring at £2.44 p/h lol, A charity mugger fundraiser offering £7.10 p/h with a g/tee bonus of £90 if 2 commissions in one night obtained, so basically a business fronted as a charity, could not answer what percentage of collected 'donation' went to charity or a list of the organization(s) it helped. A local window door company, great i think stand in line -30 mins, hand in c.v too be told not looking for installers, just self employed door to door sales... so these 3 employers where a very poor example of seetec seen to be doing something but doing nothing in reality, the best thing was as we stood there, another 40 - 50 work program ( not cpw) arrived and decended onto our pc 's that we had documents open on, usb sticks connected to and our paperwork left at, resulting in people leaving queue to reclaim their property. about a hour later after we had finished and asked where we could sit as ALL chairs taken (20 odd people standing) we were allowed out an 1hr early and told not to return that afternoon... and see you tomorrow morning.... except at 4pm i got a phone call cancelling the morning session and see you at 2pm. (today) Now why would this be a problem you may ask? Well simply I have 2 autistic children and routine is everything to an autistic child, so having to arrange lifts via family and friends, then cancel them after explaining this to said child usually results in said child having a melt down. basically seetec have taken on too much and cant provide the service at a reasonable level. I feel i need to complain higher than seetec but not sure who or how to ?
  23. Been totally screwed over by seetec they sent me a mandate out and missed one page out with dates on (pages not numbered) so i didnt turn up and have been sanctioned
  24. i'm guessing you're on it for 6 months but it actually lasts 32+ weeks, the thing is the woman who signs all the cwp jsa claiments told me NO one has been found a placement so far as charity shops at limit... i'm waiting for more info as i have requested it from Seetec but they failed so far to get back to me.
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