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  1. Hello again, thanks, Ive just emailed the ASIC so ill see how that goes, Ill keep you posted - Thanks again.
  2. Well just thought I would update you - All has been quiet since the above and today my husband and a work collegue get a call from a 'crystal' claiming to be an old friend asking very personal questions. They havnt called my phone since I sent the email and I have since complained to ASIC, I am now situe Barred and they keep calling? Is this normal?
  3. Hi juat thought Id let you know that I send the complaint to ASIC and I responded to the email, I have recieved no calls at all today! Thanks again for all your kind support and assistance, Fingers crossed!
  4. Krios, thanks, I feel 100% better I am ready to face the calls tomorrow, Ill file the complaint immediatley, Ill keep you posted.... Also that website is brilliant!
  5. Thanks and yes I did, very useful, I am still not clear on whether I can lodge the complaint while I owe the money but as you say I can so I will do this ASAP. I am worried that if I lodge the complaint then this tells Credit Corp who I am and that I acknowledge the Debt, is this the case? I have also found a template letter to respond to chaser emails regarding the SB status of the debt would you suggest I send this - even though I cannot be sure if the SB applies or not although it will apply within 4 weeks! Thanks - Again!
  6. :-(Well they have raised their game, calling work, asking for my boss, then calling my sisters boyfriends parents, this is beyond harrassment, they have also emailed me at work offering a reduced payment plan etc. Do you know if I reply to the email am I acknowledging the debt? I also need to be ready to answere the phone tomorrow (they call in the mornings as Oz time) and am not sure what to say as I want to quote the law? Can I put a complanit into the ASIC even if I owe the money? Sorry...... Very distressed and embarrased now its getting me down
  7. Thanks Ill get April out of the way and then I am sure, once again thanks a million and Ill be sure to learn from this!
  8. Thanks Guys! I have just found my Passport and I left Australia in April 2006 therefore Ithink in one week the debt is SB? If this is the case do you suggest that I tell them when they call as 6 years have passed without any payments or contact or willthey just stop calling? I guess the question is when can you admit who you are and quote the law tothem? The company is Credit Corp. And once again thanks for your help on this.
  9. Thanks - Again, not made a payment since 2007 its approx 35000 australian dollars. No i was in NSW.
  10. Thanks, so When they call do I tell them they have the right number or see citezens advice? Really not sure whether to tell them they have the right person incase of whet they do...
  11. Hi I am not sure and no they dont I am not sure what to say or what address to provide i do believe that its illegal for them to threaten me etc?
  12. Please can anyone help me? I lived in AustraliaFrom 2003-2007 whilst there I got myself into bad debt. I returned home to the UK and myrelationship broke down and I was diagnosed with depression. In short I failedto keep up with payments to my Australian Debt and have not contacted themsince. They have now caught up with me and are calling my new place of work andbeing very aggressive. Whilst on a call to a work colleague they mentionedmy young son and that they were calling my husbands place of work. I am incredibly frightened as I have just started a new job and amworried w
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