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  1. Thank you very much. I think I worried myself needlessly, I'm a big worry wart!
  2. Thank you & I'll try!
  3. Okay, many thanks! I've telephoned him today & told him to get my address of his account. I don't think I'll stop worrying though :-/ ... Oh well I'm sure all will be okay.
  4. Hi, no he hasn't. He's now back in London anyways as he could find permanent work down here...
  5. Hi.. I hope I'm worrying unnecessarily but I need advice. My ex partner & children's father wanted to move to Sussex to be near to our children. He decided, to go back out on site as a bricklayer for this he needed his unique tax ref code. I allowed him to use my address as a care of address until he found a permanent place to live. Today a tax demand came through the door for him & I'm now terrified the tax office think he lives here, I didn't even consider that when I allowed him to use this address for his UTR code & job applications... Do you think I've caused myself a headache
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