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  1. Thanks for the advice. I asked RLP for copies of everything they hold under the DPA - I hope this includes CCTV. They said something about how they're the "Data Processor" not the "Data Controller" but will comply with my request. I haven't heard back yet.I'll email TKMAXX Head Office as well with the request. I want to put my mind at rest...
  2. My partner foolishly removed the price tag from a pair of sunglasses in TKMaxx to see what he looked like in the mirror (they put the tags on the bridge of the glases). He discarded the tag on the floor. There are no signs up anywhere to say this is prohibited although it's not something I'd do!He then replaced the glasses, tried on some others etc... Decidiing he wanted the first pair, he retrieved them from the shelf, picked up a tag off the floor and went to pay.I'm not defending this action.The store detective grabbed him and took us into the office. The glasses were returned and refunded
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