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  1. I didn't realise just how prevalent this problem is. I sold a phone on ebay as used. It did have some minor scratches on it hence why I sold it used. I posted it with 1 picture but took several others for bidders to contact me for. The winning bidder (didn't request extra pictures) paid for it by paypal and i sent the phone. 5 days later I had an email from the buyer saying that they wanted a refund as the phone had wear and tear. I told him thats how I advertised it and that I wasn't refunding him. He then opened a case as item not as described and said the phone was cracked. Paypal then took the £88.50 out of my girlfriends account and said they were holding it until a decision had been made. 10 days later ebay found in the buyers favour and have refunded the buyer. I know the phone wasn't damaged when I sent it and have photographic evidence to prove this but ebay are not interested in seeing them. They have tried saying that it was damaged in transit but having recieved the item back (the buyer sent it back in the same box i sent it to him in) there is absolutely no damage to the box and surely the buyer would of said that the box was damaged on arrival. They have also tried saying that I damaged it in between taking my photos and sending the phone. As i have got the phone back there is a crack in it now that wasn't there before. I called ebay to appeal the decision and was told that the case was closed and that they would not grant me an appeal. I asked how they came to their decision and they said that as they couldn't assume the buyer would break the item it automatically went in the buyers favour. I asked the resolution manager that if I bought an item and broke it on purpose then opened a case would it go in my favour and she said yes. I really don't know where I stand on being able to get my money back from paypal/ebay as I have not done anything wrong and have evidence to prove it. I have written a letter to ebay customer services but I am not confident of any resolution. Sorry all of this is long winded but I really don't know what to do next Any help would be appreciated
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