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  1. Yes - I will be pushing the ombudsman - they initially said expect 8 weeks for MBNA to respond to their complaint - so will do this towards end August. DLC have not provided me with any copies of paperwork/contracts/agreements to support their claim, I'm confident that MBNA have passed the account to them, otherwise how would they know ?! I've written to them requesting they provide copies of any agreement or documentation to support their claims and stop harassing me in the meantime, and co-incidentally the 3 per day calls from them have now stopped. Spe
  2. Firstly - I'm a newbie here - so apologies if I ask the same as others have !!! I had a credit card with MBNA for around 15 years before I used the card to purchase a car (cost approx £9k) in March 2011. The transaction was made by myself with the car dealer that advertised it, I called the dealer and read out my card details over the telephone for the car that I had seen a description of on the internet. The car dealer delivered the car and upon arrival it was clearly not as described in a number of ways (some damage and no full MoT to mention a couple) and this is clea
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