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  1. no the latest is a removal notice saying "I have been issued your case so that i can call at your home this weekend with a removal contractor when i may remove your goods to the local auction house. I would prefer that you were in attendance, should another day be more suitable contact me on the number below immediately. if you prefer to pay the balance i require full payment at this office in good time before I call" signed by Enforcement Manager
  2. Thank you for your reply. No Equita has not visited or gained access to my home. Just received the 2 lots of letter this week. When the liability order was originally issued I made an arrangement from there with the council tax office for weekly payments, but it was difficult to keep up, they tried to work with me as I was classed as vulnerable at the time, single parent who had just lost a child. Sort of hoped the debt would just disappear (stupid i know now) Then the initial letter came from Equita early May, when the £31.25 weekly payment was arranged. Sheffield Council does outsource to Capita, but of course won't entertain a lower payment arrangement. I'm no longer classed as vulnerable so I've borrowed money to pay the £62.50 for the 2 missed weeks tonight to Equita in the hope that this stops any further enforcement action and baliffs turning up at the door and the arrangement can continue. But... this still leaves me with the weekly payment at the same amount, which I know we can't afford, so if they do the above i'm still left with the possibility of not being able to pay this every week. Apart from the Car, there's not much of value in the house apart from TV, gardening stuff in the shed all of which were paid for by my partner and the children have laptops and ps3 which were xmas pressie from relatives. I personally don't own anything of value that i believe they can take. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi I received a letter from equita early March this year asking for full payment of £1,500 within 7 days. I fell behind with previous years council tax due to various financial and income problems while being self employed. A liability order was issued and basically I made an agreement but couldn't make the repayments. So contacted Equita who said they could make an arrangement but would have to pay £31.25 per week. i argued that this was too much due to being on a low household income, but was told that was the amount i had to pay regardless of income as i don't claim Jobseekers or income support. i agreed to the amount and started to pay. My partner injured his back and was unable to work for 2 weeks over 15th/22nd april, being self employed = no income. We get some child tax credits and child benefit so lived off that as we have no savings to fall back on. I contacted the council to ask for a reduction in the amount for a couple of weeks until my partner returned to work. They refused to discuss and said i needed to speak to equita. They also refused, despite being told of the drop in income. They told me to pay whatever i could and then return to the 31.25 per week. during these 2 weeks we couldn't afford to pay anything to Equita, so missed 2 payments. My partner returned to work this Monday, although still in considerable pain !, So on Tuesday i used the child benefit money to pay £31.25 to Equita, with a view to paying the missed weeks asap alongside continuing to make the weekly payment. Yesterday i received a letter from Equita (dated 27/04/2014) Saying that further to my recent communication (as i also emailed the offer after speaking to them) the proposed offer of £20 per week was unacceptable and that I must now pay the amount in full within 7 days or ring them immediately with a revised offer. Sorry for the length .......... So today rang them was told i needed to pay the 2 missed weeks £62.50 today and then continue with the weekly £31.25. Ok so, we have no money at all to pay this and was basically told if it's not paid the arrangement will cancel and balifs will be sent and told to either borrow it ! or pay whatever we can..... Today, another letter has arrived (dated 2804/2014) REMOVAL NOTICE saying i have been issued your case so that i can call at your home this weekend with a removal contractor when i may remove your goods to the local auction house. I would prefer that you were in attendance, should another day be more suitable contact me on the number below immediately. if you prefer to pay the balance i require full payment at this office in good time before I call I've borrowed money to pay the missed payments today, but now this last letter has arrived today I'm worried and not sure what to do. The debt is an old debt when I was on my own with 2 children, before my current partner moved in and is in my name only, I have no income of my own, except the child benefits. My partner has a car and i'm worried that they will come and take that now. The repayment amount is too high to be affordable but no-one is interested in listening to our income breakdown and looking at a smaller amount because we don't claim jobseekers or income support. Although we do receive housing benefit and council tax benefit plus child tax credits as self employed income is very low.£31.25 per week will leave us short on food, heating and electricity. And now the balifs are coming. Don't know which way to turn
  4. Hmm - think they have told you wrong on the Notional Offsetting - could have done it if you claimed single - so what would they have offsett it against. From what I understand and have been told by HMRC Notional offsetting is when they look at what you would have been paid ,if the claim where the overpayment has come from ,was made in the correct capacity as a joint claim. They can deduct what you should have been paid as joint from what you were paid as single thus reducing the overpayment. This confirms as well http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/ccmmanual/CCM15725.htm I would contact the helpline and ask them to refer the overpaid award to the Notional Entitlement Team, who are a different department to the team that deal with setting up a repayment plan. (D & B - Debt & Banking ?)
  5. Hi - this happened to me last year, they paid me 50% as a lump sum and spread the rest over the year. They didn't correct it until after the income declaration on the renewal. I know what you mean about housing benefit taking the tax credits current weekly payments into account, meaning you lose out. Two benefit systems working completley out of sinc !!
  6. Hi - thanks for letting me know about the backdating. How long did it take for you to start getting payments from your joint claim after you had sent it in ? Thanks
  7. When did you put in the new joint claim ?
  8. Hi - have you managed to speak to them yet. I reffered you on another thread to netmums. But what you need to do is contact tax credits and tell them about your situation as it is. You believed that as he was staying with you and that you wasn't financially dependant on each other you didn't think you was doing anything wrong. That you are not in a relationship and have not been so for quite a while. What's basically happened is Tax Credits have linked you financially with Mr X through an association on your experian credit file. Tax credits office used to accept that the situation you are in was OK and they have actually advised to make a single claim in these circumstances in the past. Now they have implemented a new system, checking with Experian, they are reviewing every single claim that has a financial association match at the same address. New claims are also going through the credit file check. Unfortunatley they are working in a very black & white way and don't appreciate the complexities of relationship breakdown and the financial ties that remain after the split. It used to be accepted that ex partners could share a house without being financially dependant, but things have changed. they need to cut fraud and have approached it by using experian. They really haven't thought this through properly and it seems that if evidence of another address for Mr X can not be given, and this has to be specific evidence of an authoritive nature, then they are stopping the single claim and requesting money back that has been paid covering tax year 2010 -2011 and 2011-2012. They are not looking further back than this at present. You can of course change your claim to a couple, when you speak to them this is what they will probably advise. So therefore they will stop payments on your single claim and you will have to reapply as joint. You will recieve an overpayment, if you are upfront it may be that they only request back this current year 2011-2012 rather than the 2 years. if you try and cover up the fact they will, more than likely, decide against you and the overpayment will be two years. When the single claim is stopped and your new claim is put in you need to ask for notional offsetting, this is where they will look at the overpayment and reduce it by the amount you should have been paid should you have made a correct (joint) claim. They will backdate the joint claim by 3 month - up to 5 April 2012 and 1 month after 6 April 2012. The backdated payment will not be deducted from your overpayment when your notional entitlement is calculated. For the remaining balance of the overpayment they will set in place with you a repayment plan that you can afford, if you cannot afford any payment because you outgoings equal or are above your income the collection of the overpayment will be placed on hold for 12 months and looked at again at that time. You really should change your claim to a joint one, just tell them the basics of your situation, you don't need to go in depth on your unfortunate situation, and let them know that you thought you was doing nothing wrong. Please don't worry about jail and criminal convictions, HMRC are not using a criminal investigation they are taking the civil route. All of this will be sorted by telephone and letter. Take care
  9. Hi - lots of advice and help on forum at netmums in the coffeehouse section (from page 3),under tax credits review team letter! good luck - this is happening to all single claimants with financial associations countrywide
  10. jowster

    Tax credit fraud!!

    Hi - lots of advice and help on forum at netmums.com ib the coffeehouse section ,under tax credits review team letter! good luck - this is happening to all single claimants with financial associations countrywide
  11. Hi - how long did the new joint claim take to process to payment - did they automaticallt backdate it or did you ask for ths to be done Thanks D x
  12. Hi - i am in the same situation - had my single claim stopped, stupidly allowed my boyfirend to use my address for credit and it showed on my credit file as a financial association, plus he was staying over around 4 nights a week, hence I received the letter for reviewing 2 years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. They have asked me to pay back 9K from 2011/2012. I have now put in a new joint claim as he has moved in full time. The figure they have estimated on the new claim is much the same as it was on the now stopped single claim. They have told me that they can only backdate it to the date I received my last payment under the single claim which would be 4 weeks ago - should I have asked for them to backdate it 3 months.? I will be asking for the notional offsetting when the joint claim is accepted as I wasn't aware you could have this done until the last few days. Really worried about what will happen if they don'y accept my request, when I do it, for notional offsetting as I have read on Citizens Advice site that if the error was found due to a compliance check rather than the claimant notifying them, that they may not consider offsetting. Also how long are the new joint claims taking to go into payment ? Cranberryjuice - did you ask for backdating or was it done automatically? Having to borrow money to survive so would like to try and work out an estimate on how much they will pay. Take care x
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