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  1. I've dealt with both Bluestone and Cabot. To be honest I think you're complicating things. Cabot took me to court and I figured they wouldn't have paperwork so requested it. They never got it to me in time so I entered defence saying if they can provide the correct paperwork i'll pay the debt. They asked for an extension to provide the documents which I defended and won so they pulled out You mention 4/4/10 was when they took the car back? which means you already never paid. Unless you made payment since or acknowledged the debt this would be statute barred? Since you've already requested the documents i'd wait until 27thish to file a defence (If your deadline is the 28th) saying you requested the documents etc but never received them so are yet to be satisfied the debt belongs to you and believe there is no paperwork to legally enforce it etc. Send Mortimer your defence as late as possible and it's almost guaranteed they'll make a mess. To be honest I wouldn't even say that you accept any debt in a certain period of time and would 'simplify' your defence. The court won't care about things like debt being paid in installments only whether you owe the money or not If you're basing your defence on no paperwork all they want to know is have you made an attempt to obtain paperwork from the claimant and can the claimant provide the paperwork proving you owe the debt. I find your defence quite confusing, In parts it sounds like you're defending a previous hearing? Also when the hearing it set usually the court will allow you to send additional information when more information becomes available to you. I sent additional information via post to the court and claimant which the judge accepted based on a change of circumstance, you should just need to write it as a witness statement.
  2. After sending in the N443 to prompt some action today I got a letter back from the court. After reading numerous threads on people stuck in a similar situation I think we finally have some kind of resolution for people stuck in a similar situation, and that seems to be if the new creditor is dumb enough to not update the courts, then the new creditor can pay the debt for you:lol:
  3. hmm, exactly the situation I was trying to avoid, but I should have an answer either way within 30 days so will report back with an answer:|
  4. I've not rang them, everything I do is communicated through letters, it was actually the solicitors I corresponded with as the debt was given to them straight away to deal with. I've no idea why they haven't had the name changed. I can only assume they need to deal with paper work from Bluestones side which they can't be bothered with. N443 is indeed a request for a certificate of satisfaction, the court will contact the creditor. To be honest based on the limbo situation and the selling a reselling of ccj debts i've read about that seem to lead nowhere something's got to be acted upon. I'm attempting to pay the debt so it shows as satisfied which is why I wrote out the variation order a couple of months ago. I have no interest in paying it just for the CCJ to be unsatisfied
  5. Exactly my thoughts. I'd rather not pay money to a company and have an outstanding CCJ for the original debt when i'm done paying. I've contacted Bluestone about this and never got a reply so probably against advice I sent an N443 to the court to investigate. Unless someones stupid enough to lose out on a 4 figure sum i'd be expecting it to be updated to Cabot so I can actually send in the variation order Just to clarify I also told Cabot about my views on the debt, they replied saying they bought the debt therefore I owe them the money
  6. Yep, I can only assume they don't know their client hasn't updated the court or they have no way of following procedure to update the court? The variation order is still sat here with the cheque in it to send
  7. I went to apply for a variation directly at the court, problem being it's still in Bluestones name so it would go to them
  8. Small update...for the ones that forgot/never saw. Bluestone credit management got a CCJ in 2015, Cabot bought the debt they've threatened me with the CCJ even though the owner is still Bluestone. This arrrived, the CCJ is still in Bluestones name
  9. So I know some of you were keen to see how much Cabot put into this £600 debt, and thanks to their persistence the answer arrived this morning. I made a condensed statement but including the fee they had to take off for losing the case they put £400 into it:lol:
  10. OK sure thing. I'll report back when I hear something worth while
  11. OK Thank you. I'll wait until they change the name before sending the N245 off. Would I get any notice of the change of name?
  12. Yes Cabot and their solicitor know there's a charging order, but all the court paperwork will go back to Bluestone who I assume would want nothing more to do with the debt and would consider it closed.Would it hurt putting a discharge of registered charge in to Blustone since It's free and I've already paid for the land registry info? The CCJ was given March 2014, the account goes back to December 2009
  13. No:lol: OK, after looking through this I might have found another way through. Obviously you guys are the professionals and i'm the one that's picked things up as i've needed to find out. looking at all the info I have The CO isn't in Cabot's name, it's in Bluestones Checking my Credit report Cabot don't even have this account on them, it's Bluestone and is showing as £0 balance with a monthly payment made from 2009. Could I put in to have the CO discharged? then make Cabot do the whole prove it thing? How would I do this? or could it even be done?
  14. On the N245 it states 'a reduction in the instalment order' I assume I would be marking this box since there has been no warrant requested? When the paperwork came through from memory i'm certain it only stated that I was liable for the debt with no instalment stated, it was a fair few years ago so maybe it was forthwith. Also if I enclosed an initial payment would i write a cheque to the creditor or court? Sorry to be 'that guy' but I just made an interesting discovery. I thought i'd check the land registry to make sure everything added up before sending the N245, it's literally ready to post, and it came back with this (*.07.2015) Equitable charge created by a final charging order of the County Court at * dated * July 2015 in favour of Bluestone Credit Management Limited it would appear that Cabot hasn't even had the CCJ/Charging Order assigned to them. So does anyone have an idea on procedure? Even if I sent the N245 to the county court with Cabots name on with a cheque made out to Cabot i'd assume it'd either get returned by the court or get sent to then returned by Bluestone saying the debt is nothing to do with them? Also if I pay Cabot then surely i'd be at risk of also paying Bluestone when the house is sold?
  15. OK, thanks for the help guys, i'll look at filling it in when I get home from work. Would I be checking the Reduction in installment? and guessing i'd have to put a reasonable offer forward unless I could literally only afford £1 a week? The irony is from what they say, they bought the debt for the amount that owes on it, i'm sure they we're banking on me being awkward so they could load it with their fees:sad:
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