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  1. Lowell online bank account number40997765 the sort code is 20-19-90 then all you need to add is your reference number.
  2. Thanks for all your help, on it now. Will let you know what happens next?
  3. I have tried to get the bank to repay, and have been told by the HALIFAX Dispute office they can do nothing as it is my fault i gave them authority with a card over 12months old? And to top this off i have had emails from Lending Stream stating that i owe them an extra £85.38 even though it has been removed from the Bank, so who does have my Money?
  4. Hi, i have never used this before but have been following with interest as the same has happen to me. On the 14th March 2 payments were removed from my bank of £25.00 and 60.38. The funny thing was that in October i received a email thanking me for these payments from Lending Stream which i queried, as nothing had gone from my bank then. I have spoken to Lending Stream about this and they said it was the Banks fault and they had received nothing into there account. The bank says its my fault and nothing i can do about it, unless i can reference numbers from Lending Stream (Fat Chance). What do i do now?
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