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  1. Many Thanks, will ring them today to see if i can the info.
  2. Thanks Brigadier,But i need to find ouy who the underwriters are as the above is no longer trading, i have my Policy Number from CIGNA but as usual the actual policy is held at GE Watford offices. Nothing on the paperwork i have states who the underwriters are, and without this i may be doomed, as it was taken out prior to Jan 2005.
  3. This was who they say the broker was? but my paperwork reads cavendish financial, same address though.
  4. Hi,Having the usual battle with GE about my PPi, they have told me to go National Finance. These of course like many others no longer exist, how do i find the underwriters? any idesa appreciated.
  5. should i take this to Fos then and ask them?
  6. Morning,Sorry got called away yesterday, so have only just got to see your replies. The details are that i had a Additions account usual case things went wrong and it was eventually sold onto Lowells. I have an outstanding balance with them. I have requested a copy of CCA which as yet has not arrived? I appled for the PPi to be refunded from Shop Direct on this account and received a letterstating after the usual time constraints that they had upheld my claim but as i had an outstanding balance with Lowells it would be to quote" As your account was sold to Lowells the total redress will be paid to them to reduce part of the outstanding balance" They have not included any terms or conditions with this letter just the usual as this was sold before 5th November 2005 Fos may not take up your case?What do i need to do now please.
  7. No account definately owned by Lowell, with whom i am awaiting as i mentioned the CCA which i think they will struggle to Supply ?
  8. Hi,I am hoping someone can help, i have had an offer of redress on the above, but they say it will be offset against an outstanding balance with Lowell's. They sold this to them in 2009 and i have requested from Lowells and Shop Direct both copies of the CCAbut non forthcoming. Can they do this?
  9. phone number for bcard/monument claims 08445560104
  10. Hi if you write to Cigna, they give you Policy Number and also tell you that your Policy is held at GE at the Watford address.
  11. Hi,Sorry to butt in Cigna's address as follows CIGNA Europe, 1 Knowe Road, Greenock, Inverclyde PA15 4RJ Hope this helps
  12. Thanks will do that today, just couldn't believe they were so slap dash.
  13. Hi, I have an issue with the above, sent all details of the above claim on 26th April, to Barclaycard. Received letter 1 stating that my claim would be decided 28th June, not an issue then 28th June get another letter saying still under investigation reply by 26th July. This has come and gone, have contacted them twice previously with the same response still under investigation. Then this is the best bit, yesterday i rang to ask what is happening, only to be told that the letters i had received were about a late charges claim i had put in. Apparently my claim for the PPI was scanned in on the system and then nothing done with it. I now apparently have to wait another 8 weeks for this to be processed. That will take it to 25 weeks?
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