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  1. thanks for the replies, yes i have the origonal sales brochure and the now revised one. the origonal brochure does confirm seat cushion adjustable for tilt. The supplying dealer Pentagon has alwyas maintained it is vauxhalls problem in vire that they manufactured and speced the vehicle and produced the sales literature. Vauxhalls have maintained my contract is with Pentagon It has been confirmed by email that i have no alternative but to reject the vehcile and expect a full refund under SOGA. probably 6 months ago and a few other times in between. I gave them 14 days to reply threatening to take the matter further I have been informed that upgraded seats can only be installed at time of order and at the factory the vehcile mileage is 5,000 no damge at all, I have confirmed tyo vauxhalls that i do not use the vehcile due to problems with the seat, i have also tried to use bolster cushions and seating aids purchased by myself, i have confirmed these never worked should i be taking action against the supplying dealer or the manufacture who after all manufactured the vehcile and priduced the sales brochure incorectly
  2. Thanks for the replies i really exhausted all avenues with the supplying dealer including upgrading the seat only to be told these are factory order and can not be fitted after or at a dealers!! Pentagon the dealers have basically stated that there is nothing further they can do i have confirmed this to vauxhall and confirmed that i have no alternative but to reject the vehicle in view that is not as described in thier brochure and require a full refund this was done over 6 months ago and has been just going backwards and forwards ever since. Eventually i have given vauxhall 14 days notice and confirmed that i would take further action thay have staed that my contract is with the dealer so should i be making a claim against Pentagon and not vauxhall. Pentagons argument has always been Its a vauxhall brochure and specification, and they manufactured the vehicle so is it not vauxhalls problem with false advertising. yes i have copies of the brochure i purchased my vehicle from wich clearly state i quote seat cushion adjustable for tilt thanks
  3. Hi everyone some advice please, to try and cut a long story short I purchased a brand new vauxhall movano a year ago now 12 reg no previous owners. The sale was agreed over the phone in view that the dealer was 300 miles away, The van was a standard van, standard spec etc . So i never viewed tha van it was brought from information contained in vauxhall brochure and the van was the dealers physical stock so no factory order. When i arrived at the dealers to collect the van it was damaged large scratch down one side the fiasco that followed to reject the van and pentagon register a new one again from stock took all day, so there was no time for a proper handover let alone a test drive. Part of ther standard spec is a fully adjusatable drives seat which quotes as being tiltable, when the van was handed to me it was dark and by this time i just wanted to get home i asked the sales lady wheres the seat adjustment she did not know, i did not arrive home that day until midnight there were other issues more to do with money owed on my trade in etc, but i phoned the dealer the next day confirming the seat did not adjust as it stated in the brochure, they confirmed the van was the standard spec so thats all they could do. I also copied vauxhall customer service at the same time. for several weeks i discussed option with the dealer ie replacing the seat etc becuase clearly i was not getting on with it, i did confirm that the vehicle was not as described and i wanted to reject it. vauxhall then confirmed my contract was with the dealer and not them so its thier problem, pentagon maintain its a manufacture problem ie incorrect specification in the sales brochure and not thier problem this has been going on for a year with now with Vauxhall i have confirmed on several occaissions the vehicle specification is incorrect in the sales catalouge so the veichle is not as described and i want a full refund under the sale of goods act etc. They have confirmed the specification is correct but will not confirm the adjustments to the seat as noted in the specification and focused areas in the sales brochure, instead they have used differnt discriptions being carefull not to mention tilt action as the sales brochure. I have also been told i should have test drove the vehicle, Vauxhall can change the specification without notice, no one else has complained,I have been using the vehiucle so therfore i accepted it, basically all the excuses under the sun and given the complete run around by Vauxhall and the dealer. vauxhall has now issued a new movano sales brochure and suprise suprise they have altered the wording on the seat adjustment and there is now no mention of any tilt action at all. I have confirmed this to vauxhall in email as i have everything else, propbably about 20 emails so far i have threatened court action and now have no alternative as they state they will not take the matter any further any advice
  4. I had arranged to purchase a new van with Pentagon Vauxhall Sheffield all over the phone/internet including trading in my current van settleing the finance and taking out finance on the new van. In view that my van was only 3 years old with 10k miles the trade in figure was considerably more than what was owed on the finance. The deal was my trade in would pay the deposit on the new van ( vat plus delivery only ) and settle the exisiting finance leaving me with a cash back balance of around £1400. So far so good I arranged to collect the new van at pentagon on the 5th March so spent the weekend removing all internal racking etc from my current trade in vehicle. I noticed a dent in the side nothing serious no paint damage so got a quote from a dent company of around £60-£70. In view it was nothing serious i thought it would not be a problem still going ahead IE pentagon would just revalue the van. I arrived at pentagon early in the morning before they opened in fact ( i live about 280 miles away)and saw my new van so i got the first chance to look around it. There were two scratcjhes running most of the length of the van and a very deep scratch on the side door, these had been filled with wax and had some other attention as the paint was very dull around the areas of damage. The attempted repair was feable to say the least. After much debate with the sales people of course nobody knowing about the scratches they offered to spray/repair the damage. Whilst they were chatting amongst themselves for over asn hour i had a walk around the showroom and found a duplicate van. I suggested they register that one as a replacement but was told it had a lot more additional equipment so i asked them to find out how long a replacement van would take to order. After a long wait the sales manager informed me that vauxhall had agreed to fund the differnce for the van they had with the additional equipment and they would register it today while i waited. The van was later found to have no additional equipment from the van i had on order!!. I not even sure if a pdi was carried out the service book was certainley not filled in The dent on my trade in was discussed and after inspection by thier in house body shop manager it was confirmed that the £60-70 quote was a fair assesment however they needed their dent repair man to inspect the van which would be carried out the next day and then they would issue the cash back i was due. The cheque for this was not available in any event as the accounts dept had not issued it as promised. Over 2 weeks later and several emails and phone calls with various promises of 1) the dent man looking at my trade in van 2) my cheque for the cash back would be in the post 3) the existing finance had been paid off. They are saying it will be ressolved this wednesday subject to the dent man being able to repair my trade in ?? They also state they do not have an in house dent repair service only a body shop. Whilst i was waiting for my new van to be registered i noticed a pentagon van with lots of adverts all over it saying mobile dent and scratch repair vehicle etc ??? I have also contacted the finance company of my trade in vehicle and they have confirmed that pentagon have not settled the outstanding balance. I have again emailed pentagon reminding them that they comnfirmed by email that the finance had been settled and that cleared funds should reach the finance company by the next due payment date being the 23/3/2012. AND i need this confirming. There is also another issue with the new van thier advert for the standard spec states a fully adjustable drivers seat with tilt action. This is also stated in Vauxhalls main brouchure. My van has not got this which makes the driving position uncomfortable for me any advice on how to proceed bearing in mind returning the van would be costly as it has been sign written and fitted out inside with racking at a cost of about £1k could thier be a reason why they are delaying
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