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  1. Hiya, I've already successfully completed one claim with the Halifax but since the last time I did it it seems they've changed their procedure. It seems they now send out a letter saying they've looked into the complaint and have decided not to honour it. I don't think it's just me as a relative seems to have had a similar one. I'm pretty sure this is still standard fodder and nothing to worry about. Shall I just proceed with LBA? Also - what are these things I hear about someone losing in the courts to a bank? starla
  2. Hi everyone, just a quick query - sorry if it's been answered before. I've had a trawl but couldn't see the answer. Could anyone tell me whether the only difference between a consumer and a business claim is the difference in the particulars of claim and the separate letter before action template, or is there anything else that i need to know? ta sk:)
  3. Well, what can I say - we beat the buggers to the tune of nearly 8 grand. I will provide the particulars when i see my brother. Wagadoo!!!
  4. thanks nigel. i've printed it all off and the damned thing's going in the letter box this afternoon. i've been putting it off for so long now and it's got to be sorted. starla
  5. Hi people. I'm about to send off my letter before action but in the last couple of weeks my bank account has taken a turn for the worse. I've been loaded with over £200 worth of charges and am over my od limit. I am frankly very nervous about sending off this claim. Any help to bolster my bravery in this matter is appreciated. starla
  6. Hello, My brother runs a small business and his lloyds business account has been in a relatively good state until very recently. He wrote a cheque for £750 and had another paid in for just over that. They were due to clear on the same day. The bank wrote him a letter saying they refused to honour the cheque because it would leave him six pound odd IN CREDIT!!!! He has never been overdrawn by more than a few pounds, does not have an od limit though. The bank have charged him for this and get this CLOSED HIS ACCOUNT and are refusing to go back on this decision. He has a new bank manager
  7. Hi People, I'll just update you on what's going on. 1. Sent request for information about accounts. 2. Halifax returned cheque to me, sent statements for two accounts and ignored the one that was closed, sending only a cryptic compliments slip with my cheque saying 'number invalid'. 3. Sent off letter asking for refund of charges for two accounts 4. They have replied saying they will give me a goodwill payment of 176.00 (are these amounts random btw?!) Also on this letter they have said that they reserve the right to close my account if I don't manage it properly. Should I
  8. Hi guys, hope everyone's well. After sending off for my statements, I got a stack of envelopes with them in. Everything seemed to be present for two accounts that I wish to claim for, but in a separate envelope I received a compliment slip with the words 'invalid number' written on it and my ten pounds cheque stapled to it. I think that this 'invalid number' must refer to my closed student account. However, I though that even if the account was closed I was entitled to the information from it. Any ideas with how I should proceed? Thanks starla
  9. Hi, apologies if this has been answered before - I did a good search for the answer before posting but couldn't find it. I've received statements for me, my boyfriend and my brother from Halifax and on the statements it simply says 'Charges as notified'. When sending a schedule of charges with the initial request for repayment, what should I put down? I don't know what each individual charge was for, e.g bounced cheque or dd return. What has everyone else put? Also, is it ok not to claim back overdraft interest from these charges as that looks pretty hard to work out? Thanks
  10. Oh fabbo! I'm very pleased about that. Thought they'd singled us out for a second. Thanks Starlakid
  11. Hi guys, I'm currently trying to claim back charges on behalf of my boyfriend from Barclays. I sent off the Data Protection Act information request letter and received one back saying the following: " Please be aware that the bank is not under and obligation to present information according to any particular format. Therfore, your request to assemble as schedule of charges is turned aside. You may of course obtain this data from copy statements and these will be supplied to you within the next few weeks, without charge on this occasion. As the Bank is providing the copy statements on
  12. I knew it would have been but I just couldn't seem to find it! Thanks for answering me though. I'll let you know how i get on. Cheers SK
  13. Hi there, I'm about to start claiming charges back from the Halifax but I have three accounts that I want to deal with. I'm sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere already, but do I need to send separate Subject Access Request Letters for each account, or can I do the whole claim in one go? Thanks p.s Halifax suck. They made me cry in their Aberystwyth branch once.
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