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  1. Yea, they know at head office that I work casually and where....so where do I go from here? Yea, they know at head office that I work casually and where....so where do I go from here? I can't get through to them on phone ���� Been on phone for 20+ mins :/ will morning at 8am be to short notice?
  2. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am,(universal credit) which I had changed to because my last one was cancelled for some reason. I do casual work here and there I got a text a few mins ago reminding me that I have training (counter terrorism training) at 9:30am - noon at my casual job, I completely forgot but if I phone up UC now they may refuse or sanction me. Should I call up now or in morning?
  3. (For someone else) I started claiming universal credit a few mnonths ago after being on JSA. The advisor do you have any health problems? I said yes (alcohol problem) so she asked me to put a sick note in and I handed it in (3 months ago) and I havnt heard anything back, any advice on where to go from here? Thanks
  4. Iv been on universal credit for a few months and I have mental problems, like anxiety and depression (also an eating disorder) and struggle to go outdoors (it heavily affects me with interviews) ( i do casual work here and ther like a few hours, but they take an absolute chunk out of it so hardly any point signing on in the first place) so I was wondering at my doctors appointment I have next week could I get a sick note so I could go on that for 3 months? Or is it very difficult? Just wanted advice : )
  5. Iv signed on for 6 months now and I had a job for 4 years and attended ingeus in 2011-2012 (they didn't get me that job or help with it) and is it still going in Liverpool city centre does anyone know?
  6. I gif my payment today which was £36 (because I work as a football steward in the season which ended May 8th for me, and I received £237 which £178 was to pay rent/Bills etc, and now Iv only £36 to last me month with no work with the football being finished till August) most of my payment was taken off me as a result, I have rent and interview for job coming up and £36 isn't going to last me till July 13th, my last payment from the football work was 22nd may (but as I said £178 of £237 of it was bills/rent) if I call up would I be able to get a loan? Also as I said my interview next week will be tough to support as a result. Any advice appreciated thanks
  7. With my last letter saying from the 7th April to 8th may for my mid May Payment, will this go from the 9th of May onwards? And Iv had no work pay since mid May so I'll get like £40 to last me a month? Lol
  8. Yes it's universal credit, will the £111 allowance not apply here? I havnt received anything since 20th may
  9. Yea it's universal credit (the work is a steward job at the football ground, so it's not even 16 hours a month)
  10. I work as a casual worker at the football match (no work at moment obviously) in mid May I got a letter saying my take home pay was X amount and on the letter dated 8th may it said I'm allowed to earn £111 then 0.65p off every pound is taken off after that (fair enough) it was for the period of worked between 7th April and 8th may, but I read the £111 allowance is no longer valid from April 2016 and so why did it not affect me then? And this month if earned but not since the 15th may then the 20th may (which I explained to them in the phone was to all be paid for bills) so tomorrow when i get paid will it not be the £111 allowance that affects it? I'm confused Thanks in advance for help
  11. I get paid universal credit tomorrow and today received a letter that £177 was deducted because it says I had £383 take-home pay. I work as a steward at a football ground and I have only received £40-80 off that in the month 7th April to 6th may stated on the letter it applies, (it said nothing about the work I do as I havnt declared itt) just can't see where they're getting £383 from, what can I do? Any advice appreciated
  12. I started claiming in December and from 23-12-15 I wa given an 82 sanction (dismissal from work) and 2 weeks ago I had a back to work appointment but couldn't attend due to me having a doctors appointment at the roughly same time. I called up universal credit and there was a problem getting me a new appointment so they said my local job centre would call me with s new app intent which they didn't (didn't bother me I understand they're busy) I didn't get a call so called up this morning and was given a new appointment for this Thursday morning with the same advisor that spoke to me like **** previous appointment I attended (it's on another thread I posted about the advisor speaking to me like ****) and it clashes with something personal (family) and + I do t want to attend with her again (he said on the phone only sh is available. So my question is with me already being sanctioned unroll pretty much April could I still cancel this on q phone call on the morning before it? I'm interested in getting back in to work but I am not sitting in front of her again, I would rather wait for my usual advisor who he isn't available for a few weeks I was told, would be cancelling Thursday affect my sanction further or is it ov been sanctioned anyway so it would be ok? Thanks in advance : )
  13. How do I open original post up? And I asked for a reconsider of the the sanction and was knocked back, I was sacked for gross misconduct (summary dismissal) and Iv been told by the CAB it was the right decision in all fairness
  14. Yes I got a hardship, and Iv never met someone like this at a job centre before, even before I got my last job 4 years ago they were all nice people (suppose there is a first time for everything) even the WP back in the day were like she was yesterday
  15. Is it worth calling the job centre I attended and complain? I was sanctioned for being sacked due to misconduct
  16. I record my applications on the universal jobmatch website, imo Iv done enough, want to complain but where will it get me? Don't know if she was being like this to me personally or just because it was Monday morning and the weekend didn't go well.
  17. I record my job searches and applications on the UC jobmatch website, I was worried this advisor yesterday took an instant dislike to me like was it personal? I admit the sheets she give me I threw on the floor on the door way, I was raising my voice back at her when she said she couldn't hear me
  18. So she was being horrible? I admit I threw the papers on the floor when I got outside out of annoyance.....was it personal? Yea, was she being like this in a personal way? Was it personal? Or just the way she is?
  19. I started claiming UC in December and was sanctioned for 91 days and today there is 51 days left to run on it, this morning I went to an appointment with an advisor and she immediately was very grouchy picking up my blue card and shouting 'who is this' I responded and she was snotty. Anyway she called me over and said 'Yorker job search isn't really up to scratch' I responded politely 'I know,sorry it's because I have been sanctioned it's minimises my job search, Iv had interviews Iv been I haven't been able to go to because I havnt hardly any money to support it' she never said anything while I stood there like a **** waiting for a response, then she just said 'sit down', she never said another word and just give me this envelope with 2 sheets and said 'put you're job search on there and send it off to them ok, and just plonked it down on the desk when I had my hand out to get it. The point is I'm already sanctioned tell pretty much April so will this affect it if I don't send the form off? Edit: I lost the sheets on the way home but still have envelope, I called the UC number and the advised on the phone agreed with me saying Iv been sanctioned anyway but wasn't sure it will extend it, So she put a Note on the system saying Iv lost the sheets
  20. I worked in a pub for 3 years and 7 months and I was sacked for misconduct in November 2015 and UC imposed me with a high level 91 day sanction (which I was told by the CAB would be extremely difficult to overturn as a reconsider was refused) I got an advanced Payment from universal credit on 8th December 2015, and I was due my first payment on the 13th January this year until I was given a 82-91 day sanction (so not a penny for 3 months) I was advised by the CAB I may be able to get a hardship payment but only from what was the first payment due date this Wednesday, I just wander what I could do/say to help with getting a hardship? Any questions I'll respond asap Edit: Iv been borrowing money as Iv had no money but there is only so far I can go with that
  21. G4C389


    He said he asked his advisor but she hasn't done one before, he just wants to know has anyone here been on one so he knows what to expect? And by fuming I just meant the professionalism is bad at times, I don't disagree with it, I left the office I attended around a year ago and in my time their I got called a 'minger' by my so called advisor at the time, then the advisor she said it to smirked at me, didn't do anything about it although I wish I had:/
  22. G4C389


    He doesn't like her, said she's snobby, and no why would I? He said he overheard her and was baffled at it:/ he's on JSA
  23. G4C389


    My friend who attends an office has been invited by letter to an apprentice open day, what happens on these? Will it be busy? My friend said he over heard his advisor talking of the prospect of 'hot men' on this open day with her friend. I can't believe that, id fume
  24. G4C389


    I done a mock interview in a quiet little room on the other side of the building last week with advisor, didn't help one bit, she obviously couldn't wait to get there get it over with and get back, and at the end asked did I want her to book me in for another one, I replied 'no thanks I'll do one with 'jet' instead'. Pleased with that I was lol
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