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  1. I just sent an email to my concierge and building manager to find out about the contract with OPC because this is just getting ridiculous. I do not know where others park, some people would have parking bays in the basement. There are a few other spots that scooters are parked on other curbed areas so maybe I will find out if they are having problems as well and if not just move to those places.
  2. Well I own the flat, I am not sure what it says. I do not have a parking space with my flat, and the flat parking is underground, the carpark in question is basically at ground level at the back of the building. Mainly used for loading/unloading etc. I find it ironic however, that my service charge fees probably pay OPC!
  3. Hey Guys, So i got ANOTHER OPC ticket last night. This makes 3 in 1.5 weeks. I wish i could see these guys because i would really like to ask what they really think. As I said before, I have parked in this same spot for 2 years without any tickets. OPC began operating in the area in june las year. So i am not sure why all of a sudden they have decided to ticket me 3 times. The reason says 'parked on site' which is in some ways true, but I am parked on a bloody curb! I think I may find somewhere slightly different to park from now on, because seeing these tickets just ruins my morning!
  4. Just read the stickys. Now i am a bit scared of sending my first appeal. Does this now mean that they know who I am, as the owner of the scooter, and now know where to send their threatening letters?
  5. Thanks for your responses. The OPC notice board states that parking in the parking bays is only permitted when issued with a permit from the building. Which is the building I live in. Normally you have to get a temporary permit to display if you are loading or moving etc. However, my scooter is not parked in a bay. Is on the curb, so I do not see how I broke any rules as the board clearly talks about parking in the 'bays.' Am I right in this assumption?
  6. Hi, I see there are many posts about OPC tickets and I would like to find out what to do for 2 tickets I recently received. OPC controls the parking lot at the back of the building where I live, since June last year. I drive a scooter and have parked it on the curb chained to a post for the past 2 years without ever getting a ticket. Last weekend I got a ticket stating that I had no tax disc. I was completely unaware that my tax disc was missing as it looks like the holder broke off. I promptly wrote OPC stating that I was unaware it was missing and applied to the DVLA for a
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